Definition of weed in English:

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Pronunciation: /wiːd/


1A wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants: keep the seedlings clear of weeds
More example sentences
  • Write down which plants were infected with diseases and where the weeds grew most.
  • Typically, herbicides are applied only to the strip of ground directly under the vine, and weeds growing between the rows are controlled by cultivation or mowing.
  • There are several small varieties that grow wild as weeds in North America.
1.1 [mass noun] Any wild plant growing in salt or fresh water: at the far side of the beach the rocks began, some humped with brown weed
More example sentences
  • The weed impedes water's natural flow and can destroy native communities of aquatic plants and animals.
  • There's plenty of weed growing around them, and although not particularly pleasant to look at, among its folds you will see plenty of hovering juvenile pike.
  • The west bank is more sandy and shallow with weed growing, and the opposite bank more rocky and deeper.
1.2 [mass noun] informal Cannabis.
Example sentences
  • You may have heard it called marijuana, weed or hash but it is still cannabis, a natural drug that comes from a plant.
  • He never touched weed, cocaine or anything else.
  • On Villa Road there are kids selling crack, weed and cocaine.
1.3 (the weed) informal Tobacco: smokers are advised to eat more fruit, as the weed can increase the risk of gastric cancer
More example sentences
  • But the first time these two came into contact with each other, they had to share the spotlight with, yes, the weed, tobacco.
  • Do addicts of the demon weed, tobacco, experience increased pleasure from life as a result of smoking tobacco?
2British informal A contemptibly feeble person: he thought party games were for weeds and wets
More example sentences
  • ‘I have always been a bit of a weed, to be honest, and I am always being told to try weight training and go to a gym,’ he said.
  • ‘Well, some thought he was a bit of a weed, but he doesn't come around anymore,’ he quipped.
3 informal A leggy, loosely built horse: my tiny bay weed could jump like a stag


[with object]
1Remove unwanted plants from (an area of ground): I was weeding a flower bed
More example sentences
  • Once an area is weeded, a deep mulch will go some way towards stopping weeds from reappearing.
  • The group cleared and cleaned the pond, weeded the area, pruned the shrubs, fertilised the soil and planted out bedding plants.
  • I'd worked through worse weather weeding the fields and it wasn't that cold.
2 (weed someone/thing out) Remove an inferior or unwanted component of a group or collection: we must raise the level of research and weed out the poorest work
More example sentences
  • Incompetent and dangerous laboratories would be weeded out and further tragedies like these minimized.
  • Of course there is no easy way of weeding them out.
  • It would also fund the hiring of 10,000 new Department of Homeland Security personnel dedicated to weeding illegal immigrants out of the workforce and an additional 1,000 for detecting immigration fraud.
isolate, separate out, set apart, put to one side, divide, segregate, sort out, sift out, winnow out, filter out, sieve;
eliminate, get rid of, remove, dispense with, shed
informal dump, lose



Pronunciation: /ˈwiːdə/
Example sentences
  • As the plants mature, wire weeders can be run extremely close to the cotton's woody stalks without doing harm, allowing thorough cultivation.
  • Many organic farmers use flame weeders as an alternative to herbicides.
  • Propane weeders, which kill plants by searing them with a flame, should be used with extreme caution.


Example sentences
  • It was a place where sanity prevailed; a place of full employment; conventional white, white-collar corporate families; clean streets; well-kept weedless lawns; neatly trimmed hedges.
  • Their world in general seemed in disrepair - a beautiful, tangled waste of bushes and flowers; a long-neglected and yet weedless garden.
  • Every one of those fields is absolutely weedless; the GM giant has seen to that.


Old English wēod (noun), wēodian (verb), of unknown origin; related to Dutch wieden (verb).

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