There are 2 main definitions of wend in English:

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wend 1

Line breaks: wend


[no object, with adverbial] (wend one's way)
Go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route: they wended their way across the city
More example sentences
  • The sealed road wends its way across the stark Anti-Atlas and startling scenery appears after Igherm while descending the Akka Valley.
  • The deer favor more open spaces and can often be seen from the road as one wends one's way along the Skyline Drive.
  • The road wends its way queasily from valley to valley, dipping and rising through dappled woodland.
meander, make one's way, wind one's way, find one's way, pick one's way;
wander, potter, amble, stroll, saunter, drift, roam, breeze, float, cruise, swan, waltz, traipse, trog;
go, proceed, travel, move, pass, walk, journey;
informal mosey, toddle, truck, bat


Old English wendan 'to turn, depart', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German wenden, also to wind2.

  • wand from Middle English:

    A word from Old Norse, and related to wend (Old English) and wind (Old English) ‘to move in a twisting way’—the basic idea seems to be of a supple, flexible stick. Wand did not have any connection with wizards and spells until about 1400, some 200 years after it was first used. Wander (Old English), ‘to move in a leisurely or aimless way’, comes from a similar root.

Words that rhyme with wend

amend, append, apprehend, ascend, attend, befriend, bend, blend, blende, commend, comprehend, condescend, contend, defriend, depend, emend, end, expend, extend, fend, forfend, friend, impend, interdepend, lend, mend, misapprehend, misspend, offend, on-trend, Oostende, Ostend, perpend, portend, rend, reprehend, scrag-end, send, spend, subtend, suspend, tail end, tend, transcend, trend, underspend, unfriend, upend, vend, weekend
Definition of wend in:
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There are 2 main definitions of wend in English:

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Wend 2 Line breaks: Wend


Another term for Sorb.
Example sentences
  • The 500 or so Sorbian immigrants who arrived in Galveston, Texas, in 1854 were primarily bilingual, speaking German and Wendish, and called themselves German Wends.
  • Their retreat left a vacuum east of the Elbe River now filled by immigrating tribes that the Germans loosely classified as Wends.
  • The Slovaks and the Wends / Sorbs are the only two Lutheran Slavic groups to immigrate to America, and their numbers were not large.


From German Wende, of unknown origin.

Definition of wend in:
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