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Line breaks: whinge
Pronunciation: /wɪn(d)ʒ
British informal

verb (whinges, whingeing or whinging, whinged)

[no object]
Complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way: stop whingeing and get on with it! (as adjective whingeing) a whingeing killjoy
More example sentences
  • Ok, time to stop whingeing, moaning and complaining about my life, cause its not that bad.
  • It sounds like too much bitching, moaning, whingeing and whining.
  • In truth, I think I was set to do a good grumpy and moanful act, complaining and whingeing about the invasion.
complain, grouse, grouch, grumble, whine, moan, carp, mutter, murmur, whisper
informal gripe, bellyache, bitch, beef
Northern English informal mither


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An act of complaining persistently and peevishly: she let off steam by having a good whinge
More example sentences
  • Can't for the life of me conjure up a complaint or a whinge, nothing to rant about.
  • As best I can deduce from reading Paul's repetitive whinges, his main gripe seems to be the adverse impact of labour market practices like casualisation, downsizing and outsourcing on GenXers like himself.
  • Basically, it is the old whinge, whine, grizzle, and groan.
complaint, grouse, moan, grouch, grumble, whine, carp, mutter, murmur, whisper
informal gripe, bellyache, bitch, beef
Northern English informal mither


late Old English hwinsian, of Germanic origin; related to German winseln; compare with whine.



More example sentences
  • They, whingeingly pointing out that he is at heart a country boy, who desires nothing more than to be relieved of his military duties and return to his farm to look after his cattle.
  • Lacking dynamics or control, he manages a tune - but he manages it weedily, whingeingly and, sadly, completely indistinguishably from the hordes of similar dewy, forlornsome boys wandering our wastelands.
  • Morris is whingeingly self-justifying and at odds with himself.


More example sentences
  • More evidence that our business leaders are simply whingers and moaners: New Zealand has maintained its third place ranking in the annual Economic Freedom of the World report.
  • Fred said: ‘This is typical of the Worsley whingers who complain about everything.’
  • Let all keep it up and hope that the carpers and whingers will see the light and come on board.


(also whingey) adjective (whingier, whingiest)
More example sentences
  • And it's full of all those sheitgeist phrases like compassion inflation, and it doubtless drones on and on in quite a whingy way about victim culture, and how terribly unfair it is.
  • That if she's whingy and clingy, then I'm whingy and clingy.
  • In general, he's happy enough in himself - a bit whingy but otherwise playing happily, stopping for a hacking cough every now and then.

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