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wind someone up

1British informal Tease or irritate someone: she’s only winding me up
More example sentences
  • He teased me and wound me up, without mercy, all day, for my grumpiness.
  • She was winding me up, teasing me, and I knew it but the pain was still too fresh and the anger wasn't far from the surface and it took everything I had to keep quiet.
  • In itself this can be a little irritating if you're trying to wind someone up.
tease, make fun of, chaff;
annoy, vex
informal take the mickey out of, send up, rib, josh, kid, have on, pull someone's leg, rag
North American informal goof on, rag on, put on, pull someone's chain, razz, fun, shuck
Australian/New Zealand informal poke mullock at, poke borak at, sling off at
British vulgar slang take the piss out of
provoke, goad, work up, make tense
North American informal ride
vulgar slang piss off
2Make tense or angry: he was clearly wound up and frantic about his daughter
More example sentences
  • I was feeling extremely tense and uncomfortable and the whole thing was winding me up more and more and more.
  • His lack of insight winds him up and leads him to write angry and bitter rants like this - it's pretty sad really.
  • I suppose it's fitting that I rant about religion on Easter Sunday, but this wound me up, and then Steve tipped me over the edge.
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