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Line breaks: work¦er
Pronunciation: /ˈwəːkə


  • 1A person who works, in particular:
  • 1.1 [with adjective or noun modifier] A person who does a specified type of work or who works in a specified way: a farm worker she’s a good worker
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    • Migrant farm workers are hired temporarily, usually for a harvest.
    • The Royal Mail sacked the two postal workers on the grounds that they had taken " excessive " sick leave.
    • Farmers want timely admission of an adequate number of temporary foreign farm workers.
  • 1.2An employee, especially one who does manual or non-executive work.
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    • In 1911 over three-quarters of Britain's employed population were manual workers.
    • The most admired vocations are manual workers such as cook or driver.
    • That will mean a harsh deal for manual workers who can't physically work beyond 60 or 65.
    employee, member of staff, working man, working woman, workman, labourer, hand, operative, operator; blue-collar worker, white-collar worker; proletarian; artisan, journeyman, craftsman, craftswoman; wage-earner, breadwinner
    archaic mechanical
  • 1.3 informal A person who works hard: I got a reputation for being a worker
    More example sentences
    • The guy is a worker, there's no doubt he's a worker.
    • He may not have great size, but he's a worker.
    hard worker, toiler, workhorse, Stakhanovite, galley slave
    North American informal wheel horse, wonk
  • 1.4 (workers) Used in Marxist or leftist contexts to refer to the working class: a red flag with the inscription ‘workers of the world, unite!’ [in names]: the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party
    More example sentences
    • He told us about its working class program, workers ' rights and the world political situation.
    • In its place will come the class of productive workers, the working class, that has been up until today oppressed.
    • Therefore, the future of the urban working class and workers and peasants in rural areas will be a key issue.
  • 2A person who achieves a specified thing: he was a bogus worker of miracles
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    • Dowie was already regarded as little short of a miracle worker for his achievements under particularly difficult circumstances at Oldham Athletic.
    • Having said that, they may not be miracle workers, but acupuncturists have brought relief to many ailing patients.
    • Lentils are miracle workers, packed full of goodness, grains are full of fibre and great energy boosters, and we all know what beans do for you.
  • 3A neuter or undeveloped female bee, wasp, ant, or other social insect, large numbers of which do the basic work of the colony.
    More example sentences
    • Polybia occidentalis workers engaged in social biting with nest mates.
    • In autumn, the larvae emerge as adult workers and begin enlarging the colony.
    • When there is an influx of nectar into the nest, the colony deploys more workers for foraging.

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