Definition of worried in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈwʌrɪd/


Anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems: Michelle knew that her friends were very worried about her there was a worried frown on his face he is worried that we are not sustaining high employment
More example sentences
  • For years, Shaw spent his days spraying termites with pesticides and his nights in worried sleep.
  • Don't be overly worried about teen conformity.
  • I had this gnawing, worried feeling in the pit of my stomach, wondering if any farmers would show up.
anxious, disturbed, perturbed, troubled, bothered, distressed, concerned, upset, distraught, worried sick, disquieted, uneasy, ill at ease, fretful, fretting, agitated, in a state of agitation, nervous, edgy, on edge, like a cat on a hot tin roof, tense, overwrought, worked up, keyed up, strung out, jumpy, with one's stomach in knots, stressed, under stress;
distracted, apprehensive, fearful, afraid, frightened, scared, with one's heart in one's mouth, quaking, trembling, shaking in one's shoes, in a cold sweat
informal uptight, a bundle of nerves, on tenterhooks, with butterflies in one's stomach, hassled, jittery, twitchy, in a state, wired, in a stew, in a dither, all of a dither, in a flap, in a sweat, in a tizz/tizzy, all of a lather, het up, in a twitter, rattled
British informal strung up, stressy, windy, having kittens
North American informal antsy, spooky, spooked, squirrelly, in a twit
Australian/New Zealand informal toey
British vulgar slang shitting bricks, bricking oneself
dated overstrung, unquiet


the worried well

People who are unnecessarily anxious about their physical or mental health: doctors increasingly have to deal with the worried well, rather than the genuinely sick
More example sentences
  • Dr Salisbury expressed concern that GPs were wasting vaccine on "the worried well" rather than their target groups.
  • So there you have it: the worried well, facing a situation that isn't too bad but isn't exactly hunky-dory, either.
  • Shifting drug spending from the worried well in developed countries to those with treatable disease in poorer nations will benefit the health of everyone.



Pronunciation: /ˈwʌrɪdli/
Example sentences
  • Adam looked down, startled to see his little brother's face looking worriedly up at him.
  • He worriedly glanced down the hall in both directions to make sure no one was watching him.
  • "Chocolate is bad for dogs," she worriedly added.

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