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Salaries, dragons, and musk: rooting around in the spice rack


As the Bard said, "That time of year thou mayst in me behold" a pumpkin-spice latte–or beer, bubble gum, even burgers, such…

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Here you can learn how to write and pronounce the Arabic letters.

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Which everyday English words came from Arabic?


To celebrate the launch of our new Oxford Arabic Dictionary, we're taking a look at English words of Arabic origin. Using…

Is Arabic a single language?

We take a look at the language situation in the Arabic-speaking world.


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    How much do you know about conlangs?


    Even though the HBO television series Game of Thrones has brought conlangs – constructed languages – into the media spotlight…

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    Fun with words or why I love Arabic


    ‘Somebody once said that every Arabic word means itself, its opposite or a camel.’  The professor I was trying to impress…

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