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dental Inglés de EE. UU.

Of or relating to the teeth

dental dam Inglés de EE. UU.

A thin sheet of latex used by dentists to isolate a tooth being worked on, or as a prophylactic device during cunnilingus and anilingus

dental floss Inglés de EE. UU.

A soft thread of floss silk or similar material used to clean between the teeth

dental nurse Inglés de EE. UU.

A nurse who assists a dentist

dental formula Inglés de EE. UU.

A formula expressing the number and kinds of teeth possessed by a mammal. A dental formula is usually written in the form of four “fractions,” one for each type of tooth, with the upper and lower lines describing the upper and lower jaws respectively

dental hygienist Inglés de EE. UU.

An ancillary dental worker specializing in scaling and polishing teeth and in giving advice on cleaning the teeth

dental technician Inglés de EE. UU.

A person who makes and repairs artificial teeth

interdental Inglés de EE. UU.

Situated or placed between the teeth