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Decapoda Inglés Británico & Universal

An order of crustaceans which includes shrimps, crabs, and lobsters. They have five pairs of walking legs and are typically marine

Decapoda in crab1 Inglés Británico & Universal

A crustacean, found chiefly on seashores, with a broad carapace, stalked eyes, and five pairs of legs, the first pair of which are modified as pincers

Decapoda in decapod Inglés Británico & Universal

A crustacean of the order Decapoda, such as a shrimp, crab, or lobster

Decapoda in nipper Inglés Británico & Universal

A burrowing marine prawn used as fishing bait

Decapoda in shrimp Inglés Británico & Universal

A small free-swimming crustacean with an elongated body, typically marine and frequently of commercial importance as food

Decapoda in spider crab Inglés Británico & Universal

A crab with long thin legs and a compact pear-shaped body, which is camouflaged in some kinds by attached sponges and seaweed