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tonic Inglés Británico & Universal

A medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being

tonic–clonic Inglés Británico & Universal

Of or characterized by successive phases of tonic and clonic spasm (as in grand mal epilepsy)

tonic water Inglés Británico & Universal

A carbonated soft drink with a bitter flavour, used as a mixer with gin or other spirits (originally used as a stimulant of appetite and digestion)

tonic sol-fa Inglés Británico & Universal

A system of naming the notes of the scale (usually doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah, te) used especially to teach singing, with doh as the keynote of all major keys and lah as the keynote of all minor keys

tonic Tesauro Inglés

for over five thousand years ginseng has been used as a natural tonic

tonic Inglés-Español

tónico masculine

gin-tonic Español-Inglés

gin and tonic

tonic (water) in tonic Inglés-Español

(agua, aguaquina feminine (with masculine article in the singular)Venezuela

a gin and tonic would be just the job in job Inglés-Español

un gin tonic me vendría de maravilla

para mí, un gin-tonic cortito de ginebra in corto Español-Inglés

I'll have a gin and tonic, but not too much gin