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community Inglés de EE. UU.

A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common

the community in community Inglés de EE. UU.

The people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities; society

community Tesauro EE.UU.

work done for the community

community tax Inglés de EE. UU.

A local tax levied on members of a community; (British) = community charge, (also) = council tax.

base community Inglés de EE. UU.

(Also more fully base ecclesial community) (especially in Latin America) a small neighbourhood Christian group, predominantly of laypeople and usually in a poor or rural area, which emphasizes the practical application of religious belief to addressing social and economic problems and inequalities.

community bank Inglés de EE. UU.

A commercial bank that derives funds from and lends to the community where it operates, and is not affiliated with a multibank holding company

community-based Inglés de EE. UU.

Focused on or relating to a community

community card Inglés de EE. UU.

(In some forms of poker) each of a number of cards dealt or turned face up for all active players to use

community care Inglés de EE. UU.

Long-term care for people who are mentally ill, elderly, or disabled which is provided within the community rather than in hospitals or institutions, especially as implemented in the UK under the National Health Service and Community Care Act of 1990

community chest Inglés de EE. UU.

A fund for charitable activities among the people in a particular area

community group Inglés de EE. UU.

An association of individuals from the same community, especially one formed to advance a particular cause or interest.

community home Inglés de EE. UU.

A centre for housing young offenders and other young people in need of custodial care

community order Inglés de EE. UU.

A non-custodial sentence which requires an offender to perform community service, observe a curfew, undergo treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, etc., instead of going to prison

community radio Inglés de EE. UU.

Radio broadcasting aimed at a particular geographical or demographic community, and frequently carrying programming made with the participation of that community.

community song Inglés de EE. UU.

A song intended to be sung by a large group or a gathering of people.

faith community Inglés de EE. UU.

A community of people of the same religion; specifically a group of people leading a communal life according to their religious faith.

gated community Inglés de EE. UU.

A residential area with roads that have gates to control the movement of traffic and people into and out of the area

mark community Inglés de EE. UU.

A community inhabiting a mark; also in extended use.

open community Inglés de EE. UU.

A plant community that does not completely cover the ground.

community-acquired Inglés de EE. UU.

(Of an infection) acquired in the community or general environment (as opposed to in hospital).

community action Inglés de EE. UU.

Action undertaken (and usually also initiated and organized) by members of a community for that community's own improvement.

community antenna Inglés de EE. UU.

A television or radio aerial that serves a number of properties or subscribers within a local area.

community center Inglés de EE. UU.

A place where people from a particular community can meet for social, educational, or recreational activities

community charge Inglés de EE. UU.

(In the UK) a tax, introduced by the Conservative government in 1990 (1989 in Scotland), levied locally on every adult in a community. It was replaced in 1993 by the council tax

community church Inglés de EE. UU.

A church serving a particular area or community; (US) one used by or welcoming worshippers of more than one denomination; an interdenominational church.

community college Inglés de EE. UU.

A nonresidential junior college offering courses to people living in a particular area

community forest Inglés de EE. UU.

A forest regarded as a resource for a local community; specifically a forest, usually close to an urban area, created both for recreational purposes and as part of a programme for social, economic, and environmental regeneration.

community garden Inglés de EE. UU.

North American one divided into allotments.

community hospital Inglés de EE. UU.

A non-specialized hospital serving a local area

community leader Inglés de EE. UU.

A prominent and respected member of a particular community, especially one with an active and specific social or political role or position.

community medicine Inglés de EE. UU.

A branch of medicine dealing with health care issues affecting communities as a whole

community-minded Inglés de EE. UU.

Interested in helping the wider community; socially concerned

community policing Inglés de EE. UU.

The system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants

community property Inglés de EE. UU.

Property owned jointly by a married couple

community school Inglés de EE. UU.

A school serving a particular (especially local) community; (specifically in the United Kingdom) a school (frequently a secondary school) whose buildings and facilities are available, out of school hours, to the rest of the local community for educational and recreational purposes.

community sentence Inglés de EE. UU.

A sentence whereby an offender is required to perform community service

community service Inglés de EE. UU.

Voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area

community singing Inglés de EE. UU.

Singing by a large crowd or group, especially of old popular songs or hymns

community spirit Inglés de EE. UU.

A feeling of involvement in and concern for one’s local community

community worker Inglés de EE. UU.

A person who works among the people of a particular area to promote their welfare

European Community Inglés de EE. UU.

An economic and political association of certain European countries, incorporated since 1993 in the European Union

Oneida Community Inglés de EE. UU.

A utopian religious community, founded in New York State in 1848 and originally embracing primitive Christian beliefs and radical social and economic ideas, later relaxed. Successful in various commercial enterprises, it was formed into a joint-stock company in 1881

online community Inglés de EE. UU.

A group of people who regularly interact with each other online, especially to share information and opinions on a common interest; (with the) users of the Internet (or in early use, a computer network) considered collectively.

planned community Inglés de EE. UU.

An urban or suburban environment all aspects of which are developed according to a single plan, usually on a previously undeveloped site.

speech community Inglés de EE. UU.

A group of people sharing a common language or dialect

virtual community Inglés de EE. UU.

A community of people sharing common interests, ideas, and feelings over the Internet

community architect Inglés de EE. UU.

An architect working in consultation with local inhabitants in designing housing and other amenities

community development Inglés de EE. UU.

The improvement of the condition of a particular area or community, especially with regard to health, housing, education, etc. (frequently attributive).

community education Inglés de EE. UU.

Instruction provided to a community on a matter of public interest.

community organizer Inglés de EE. UU.

A person whose job is to coordinate cooperative efforts and campaigning carried out by local residents to promote the interests of their community

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