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democratic Inglés Estadounidense

Of, relating to, or supporting democracy or its principles

Democratic in democratic Inglés Estadounidense

Of or relating to the Democratic Party

Democratic Party Inglés Estadounidense

One of the two main US political parties (the other being the Republican Party), which follows a liberal program, tending to promote a strong central government and expansive social programs

democratic centralism Inglés Estadounidense

The Leninist organizational system in which policy is decided centrally and is binding on all members

Democratic-Republican Party Inglés Estadounidense

A US political party that was founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and was a forerunner of the modern Democratic Party

Social Democratic Party Inglés Estadounidense

A UK political party with moderate socialist aims, founded in 1981 by a group of former Labour MPs and disbanded in 1990 after political regroupings

German Democratic Republic Inglés Estadounidense

Official name for the former state of East Germany(see Germany)

Congo, Democratic Republic of Inglés Estadounidense

A large country in central Africa with a short coastline on the Atlantic Ocean; population 68,692,500 (est. 2009); capital, Kinshasa; languages, French (official), Kongo, Lingala, Swahili, and others. Also called Congo-Kinshasa

Democratic Republic of Congo Inglés Estadounidense

see Congo, Democratic Republic of.

States' Rights Democratic Party Inglés Estadounidense

A political party formed in 1948 advocating states' rights and opposing the presidential candidacy of Harry S Truman

Ulster Democratic Unionist Party Inglés Estadounidense

An extreme Loyalist political party in Northern Ireland, co-founded by Ian Paisley in 1972

Social Democratic and Labour Party Inglés Estadounidense

A left-of-centre political party in Northern Ireland, formed in 1970 and supported largely by Catholics. It calls for the establishment of a united Ireland by constitutional means, and rejects the violent tactics of the IRA

antidemocratic Inglés Estadounidense

In conflict with the principles of democracy

German Democratic Republic in East Germany Inglés Estadounidense

The former independent nation created in 1949 from the area of Germany occupied by the former Soviet Union after World War II. It was reunited with West Germany after the fall of its communist government in 1990. Official name German Democratic Republic; German name Deutsche Demokratische Republik

democratic Tesauro EE.UU.

a young democratic government

democratic Inglés-Español


Christian Democratic Inglés-Español


German Democratic Republic Inglés-Español

the German Democratic Republic

capitalist/democratic system in system Inglés-Español

sistema capitalista/democrático

the city has gone Democratic in go Inglés-Español

la ciudad se ha volcado a los demócratas

the country's democratic institutions in institution Inglés-Español

las instituciones democráticas del país

to vote the straight Democratic ticket in ticket Inglés-Español

votar a candidatos demócratas para todos los cargos

the Democratic candidate polled 88,052 votes in poll Inglés-Español

el candidato demócrata obtuvo 88.052 votos

what are the probabilities for a Democratic victory? in probability Inglés-Español

¿qué probabilidades hay de una victoria democrática?

there is no place for authoritarianism in a democratic society in place Inglés-Español

en una sociedad democrática no cabe el autoritarismo

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