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east Inglés Estadounidense

The direction toward the point of the horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes, on the right-hand side of a person facing north, or the point on the horizon itself

east–west Inglés Estadounidense

Extending between the east and the west

the East in east Inglés Estadounidense

The regions or countries lying to the east of Europe, especially China, Japan, and India

East in east Inglés Estadounidense

The player sitting to the left of North and partnering West

Down East Inglés Estadounidense

A name for northeastern New England and for the Maritime Provinces that is derived from an old term for sailing downwind, to the east

East Asia Inglés Estadounidense

The eastern part of the Asian continent, including China and Japan

East Cape Inglés Estadounidense

A peninsular region of the North Island, New Zealand. Its tip forms the most easterly point of the island

East End Inglés Estadounidense

The part of London, England, north of the Thames and east of the City, including the Docklands

East Side Inglés Estadounidense

A part of Manhattan in New York City that lies between the East River and Fifth Avenue

Far East Inglés Estadounidense

China, Japan, and other countries in eastern Asia

Near East Inglés Estadounidense

A term originally applied to the Balkan states of southeastern Europe, but now generally applied to the countries of southwestern Asia between the Mediterranean Sea and India (including the Middle East), especially in historical contexts

East Africa Inglés Estadounidense

The eastern part of the African continent, especially the countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

East Anglia Inglés Estadounidense

A region in eastern England that consists of the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, as well as parts of Essex and Cambridgeshire counties

East Bengal Inglés Estadounidense

The part of the former Indian province of Bengal that was ceded to Pakistan in 1947 and that forms the greater part of the province of East Pakistan. It gained independence as Bangladesh in 1971

East Coast Inglés Estadounidense

The eastern seaboard of the US, especially the narrow corridor from Boston to Washington, DC

east-facing Inglés Estadounidense

Facing the east

East Harlem Inglés Estadounidense

A neighborhood of Harlem in northern Manhattan in New York City. Parts of it have been called Italian Harlem and Spanish Harlem, reflecting local ethnic history

East India Inglés Estadounidense

Another name of East Indies222.

East Indies Inglés Estadounidense

The islands in Southeast Asia, especially those of the Malay Archipelago

East London Inglés Estadounidense

A port and resort in South Africa, on the southeastern coast; population 452,200 (est. 2009)

East Orange Inglés Estadounidense

A city in northeastern New Jersey, northwest of Newark; population 65,390 (est. 2008)

East Point Inglés Estadounidense

A city in northwestern Georgia, south of Atlanta; population 43,418 (est. 2008)

East River Inglés Estadounidense

A tidal inlet in New York City that separates the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx from the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens

East Sussex Inglés Estadounidense

A county of SE England; county town, Lewes

East Timor Inglés Estadounidense

A country on the eastern part of the island of Timor in the southern part of the Malay Archipelago; population 1,131,600 (2009); capital, Dili; languages, Portuguese, Indonesian, English, and indigenous languages

Middle East Inglés Estadounidense

An extensive area of southwestern Asia and northern Africa, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Pakistan and including the Arabian peninsula

East Chicago Inglés Estadounidense

An industrial port city in northwestern Indiana, on Lake Michigan, southeast of Chicago, Illinois; population 29,978 (est. 2008)

East Flanders Inglés Estadounidense

A province in northern Belgium; capital, Ghent

East Germanic Inglés Estadounidense

The extinct eastern group of Germanic languages, including Gothic

East Hampton Inglés Estadounidense

A resort town in eastern Long Island in New York, noted for its artists' colony; population 22,106 (est. 2008)

East Hartford Inglés Estadounidense

An industrial town in central Connecticut, across the Connecticut River from Hartford; population 48,571 (est. 2008)

East Indiaman Inglés Estadounidense

A trading ship belonging to the East India Company

East Kilbride Inglés Estadounidense

A town in west central Scotland, in South Lanarkshire; population 74,600 (est. 2009)

East Lansing Inglés Estadounidense

A city in south central Michigan, home to Michigan State University; population 45,857 (est. 2008)

East Lothian Inglés Estadounidense

A council area and former county of east central Scotland

East Prussia Inglés Estadounidense

The northeastern part of the former kingdom of Prussia, on the Baltic coast, later part of Germany and divided after World War II between the former Soviet Union and Poland

east-northeast Inglés Estadounidense

The direction or compass point midway between east and northeast

East Providence Inglés Estadounidense

A city in eastern Rhode Island, across the Seekonk River from Providence; population 48,480 (est. 2008)

east-southeast Inglés Estadounidense

The direction or compass point midway between east and southeast

east by north Inglés Estadounidense

A direction or compass point midway between east and east-northeast

east by south Inglés Estadounidense

A direction or compass point midway between east and east-southeast

East St. Louis Inglés Estadounidense

A city in southwestern Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis; population 28,773 (est. 2008)

south by east Inglés Estadounidense

Between south and south-southeast (or south-southwest)

north by east Inglés Estadounidense

Between north and north-northeast (or north-northwest)

East Coast Fever Inglés Estadounidense

A feverish disease of cattle, prevalent in Africa and usually fatal

East India Company Inglés Estadounidense

A trading company formed in 1600 to develop commerce in the newly colonized areas of Southeast Asia and India. In the 18th century it took administrative control of Bengal and other areas of India, and held it until the British Crown took over in 1858 in the wake of the Indian Mutiny

East Los Angeles Inglés Estadounidense

A community in southwestern California, a largely Hispanic suburb east of Los Angeles; population 124,283 (2000)

East Siberian Sea Inglés Estadounidense

A part of the Arctic Ocean that lies between the New Siberian Islands and Wrangel Island, to the north of eastern Siberia

Dutch East Indies Inglés Estadounidense

Former name (until 1949) of Indonesia.

South-East Iceland Inglés Estadounidense

A shipping forecast area covering part of the NE Atlantic between Iceland and the Faroes

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