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narrow Inglés de EE. UU.

(Especially of something that is considerably longer or higher than it is wide) of small width

ne'er a Inglés de EE. UU.

Never a; not a, not a single; no. Frequently in ne'er a one.

narrow Tesauro EE.UU.

the path became narrow

narrow axe Inglés de EE. UU.

An axe with a narrow head, used primarily for chopping; opposed to broad-axe.

narrow cell Inglés de EE. UU.

Literary. A very small room, especially a hermit's cell.

narrow-cut Inglés de EE. UU.

Photography (of an optical filter) transmitting only a narrow band of wavelengths, or having a sharp boundary between transmitted and absorbed wavelengths.

narrow dock Inglés de EE. UU.

Any of several species of dock (genus Rumex), especially yellow (or curled) dock, R. crispus.

narrow-eyed Inglés de EE. UU.

Observing closely or suspiciously; scrutinizing.

narrow-leaf Inglés de EE. UU.

= narrow-leaved.

narrow seas Inglés de EE. UU.

The English Channel and the Irish Sea

narrow work Inglés de EE. UU.

A narrow gallery driven into a seam, vein, etc.; a system of mining that makes use of such passages.

narrow-angle Inglés de EE. UU.

Spanning or involving a narrow angle; especially designating or relating to a lens with a long focal length and a narrow angle of view.

narrow cloth Inglés de EE. UU.

Cloth under 52 inches (approx. 132 cm) wide.

narrow escape Inglés de EE. UU.

A situation in which an accident or other unfortunate incident is barely avoided

narrow front Inglés de EE. UU.

A formation assumed by troops advancing in column; also in extended use.

narrow gauge Inglés de EE. UU.

A railroad gauge that is narrower than the standard gauge of 56.5 inches (143.5 cm)

narrow goods Inglés de EE. UU.

(In haberdashery) braid, ribbons, bindings, etc.

narrow-gutted Inglés de EE. UU.

Mean, small-minded.

narrow-leaved Inglés de EE. UU.

Having narrow leaves. Chiefly in plant names.

narrow-minded Inglés de EE. UU.

Not willing to listen to or tolerate other people’s views; prejudiced

narrow money Inglés de EE. UU.

Money in forms that can be used as a medium of exchange, generally banknotes, coins, and certain balances held by banks

narrow-necked Inglés de EE. UU.

Of a container: having a narrow neck.

narrow-range Inglés de EE. UU.

Restricted in incidence or scope.

narrow-souled Inglés de EE. UU.

Lacking in breadth of view or feeling; ungenerous.

narrow squeak Inglés de EE. UU.

An escape or victory that is narrowly achieved

narrow wares Inglés de EE. UU.

= narrow goods.

narrow weaver Inglés de EE. UU.

A weaver of narrow cloth or goods.

narrow-minded Tesauro EE.UU.

our school has no place for such narrow-minded teaching

narrow-hearted Inglés de EE. UU.

Mean, ungenerous; ignoble; restricted in emotion or feeling, hard-hearted.

narrow-mouthed Inglés de EE. UU.

Of a container: having a small mouth or opening.

narrow-sighted Inglés de EE. UU.

Having a narrow field of vision; (figurative) narrow-minded, blinkered.

narrow-spirited Inglés de EE. UU.

Mean-spirited, wanting in generous or liberal feelings.

narrow-heartedness Inglés de EE. UU.

Meanness, lack of generosity; pusillanimity.

narrow something down Inglés de EE. UU.

Reduce the number of possibilities or options of something

narrow-angle glaucoma Inglés de EE. UU.

= angle-closure glaucoma.

narrow-leaved vetch Inglés de EE. UU.

A European vetch of dry grassland, Vicia angustifolia, naturalized in the United States and now usually regarded as comprising two subspecies of the common vetch, V. sativa subsp. nigra and subsp. segetalis.

the straight and narrow Inglés de EE. UU.

The honest and morally acceptable way of living

narrow-leaved everlasting pea Inglés de EE. UU.

A European vetchling, Lathyrus sylvestris, of hedges and wood borders, especially on chalk and limestone, which has narrower leaves and duller flowers than L. latifolius (the everlasting pea grown in gardens).

narrow something down in narrow Inglés de EE. UU.

Reduce the number of possibilities or options of something

narrowband Inglés de EE. UU.

Of or involving signals over a narrow range of frequencies

narrowboat Inglés de EE. UU.

A canal boat less than 7 feet (2.1 m) wide with a maximum length of 70 feet (21.3 m) and steered with a tiller rather than a wheel

narrowcast Inglés de EE. UU.

Transmit a television program, especially by cable, or otherwise disseminate information, to a comparatively small audience defined by special interest or geographical location

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