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parliamentary Inglés Estadounidense

Relating to, enacted by, or suitable for a parliament

parliamentary law Inglés Estadounidense

The rules that govern the conduct of legislatures and other deliberative bodies

Parliamentary Counsel Inglés Estadounidense

(In the UK) a group of barristers employed as civil servants to draft government bills and amendments

parliamentary party Inglés Estadounidense

The members of a political party who are in parliament, as distinguished from the party in the country as a whole

parliamentary procedure Inglés Estadounidense

A rule that defines how a particular situation is to be handled, or a particular outcome achieved, in a legislature or deliberative body

parliamentary undersecretary Inglés Estadounidense

(In the UK) a Member of Parliament in a department of state, ranking below a minister

parliamentary private secretary Inglés Estadounidense

(In the UK) a Member of Parliament assisting a government minister

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration Inglés Estadounidense

(In the UK) an official appointed to investigate complaints by individuals against public authorities

parliamentary Tesauro EE.UU.

parliamentary assemblies

parliamentary Inglés-Español


parliamentary immunity in immunity Inglés-Español

inmunidad f parlamentaria

Parliamentary Commissioner in parliamentary Inglés-Español

defensor m del pueblo, ombudsman mf

the Parliamentary Labour Party in parliamentary Inglés-Español

los diputados del Partido Laborista, la bancada laborista