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  • 1 there are very fine oak beams in the oldest part of the house
  • 2 a beam of light
    ray, shaft, stream, streak, pencil, finger; flash, gleam, glow, glimmer, glint, flare, bar; radiation, emission
  • 3 seeing the beam on her face was enough to cheer me up
    grin, smile, bright look
    [Antónimos] frown
  • Frases

    off beam

    informal you're way off beam on this one
    [Antónimos] spot on on the beam
    mistakenincorrectinaccuratewrongerroneousoff-targetouton the wrong trackwide of the markawry informal(getting) cold


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  • 1 satellites for beaming TV to rooftop aerials
    broadcast, transmit, relay, send/put out, disseminate; direct, aim; televise, show, telecast, put on the air/airwaves
  • 2 golden rays beamed down through the clouds
    shine, radiate, glare, glitter, gleam, shimmer, glimmer, twinkle, flash, flare, streak
  • 3 she was beaming from ear to ear
    grin, smile, dimple, grin like a Cheshire Cat, twinkle, smirk, laugh
    informal be all smiles
    [Antónimos] frown
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