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  • 1 bundles of logs bound together with ropes they bound her hands and feet
    [Antónimos] untie release
  • 2 Shelley bound up the wound with a clean dressing
  • 3 the experience had bound them together
    unite, join, bond, knit together, draw together, yoke together
    [Antónimos] separate
  • 4 other OPEC members bound themselves to return to the quotas of 1984
    commit oneself, undertake, give an undertaking, pledge; vow, promise, swear, give one's word
  • 5 clay is made up chiefly of tiny soil particles which bind together tightly
    stick, cohere
  • 6 a frill with the edges bound in a contrasting colour
    trim, hem, edge, border, fringe, rim, band; finish
    archaic purfle
  • 7 Sarah did not want to be bound by a rigid timetable
  • sustantivo

    informal Volver al principio  
  • 1 I know being disturbed on Christmas Day is a bind
    nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience, bore, bother, source of irritation, irritant, problem, trial
    informal pain, pain in the neck, pain in the backside, headache, hassle, drag, aggravation, pest
    North American informal pain in the butt
    Australian/New Zealand informal nark
    British vulgar slang pain in the arse
    dated infliction
  • 2 he is in a political bind over the abortion issue
    predicament, awkward situation, quandary, dilemma, plight, difficult situation, cleft stick, mess, quagmire; impasse, double bind
    informal spot, tight spot, hole
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