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Sinónimos de bolt en inglés:


  • 1 he managed to slip the bolt on the shed door
    bar, lock, catch, latch, fastener, hasp, pin
  • 2 nuts and bolts
    rivet, pin, peg, screw
  • 3 I heard the click of a crossbow, and a bolt whirred over my head
    arrow, quarrel, dart, shaft, missile, projectile
    literary reed
  • 4 the house was struck by a bolt of lightning
    flash, shaft, streak, burst, discharge, flare, fulmination
    archaic levin
  • 5 Marco made a bolt for the door
    dash, dart, run, sprint, rush, bound, leap, jump, spring, gallop
  • 6 a bolt of cloth
    roll, reel, spool, bundle, bale, parcel, packet, quantity, amount
  • Frases

    a bolt from the blue/a bolt out of the blue
    it was a bolt out of the blue when Alan resigned
    shock, surprise, bombshell, jolt, thunderbolt, revelation, source of amazement
    informal turn-up for the books, shocker, whammy


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  • 1 he bolted the door behind us
    [Antónimos] unbolt, open
  • 2 the lid was bolted down
    rivet, pin, clamp, peg, screw, batten, pinion;
    fasten, fix, secure
  • 3 Anna turned and bolted from the room
    dash, dart, run, sprint, hurtle, rush, hurry, fly, shoot, flash, spring, leap, bound, start;
    informal tear, zoom, skedaddle, scram, beat it, leg it, scoot, make oneself scarce
    British informal flit, scarper, do a bunk
    North American informal hightail (it), take a powder, cut and run
  • 4 he bolted down his breakfast
    gobble, gulp, wolf, guzzle, devour, gorge (oneself) on, eat greedily/hungrily
    informal tuck into, put/pack away, demolish, polish off, scoff (down), down, stuff one's face with, pig oneself on, murder, shovel down
    British informal shift, gollop
    North American informal scarf (down/up), snarf (down/up), inhale
  • adverbio

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    bolt upright
    Joanna sat bolt upright on her chair
    [Antónimos] slouching
    straight, rigidly, stiffly, completely upright
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