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Sinónimos de brusque en inglés:


  • he was disliked because of his brusque manners
    caustic, tart, abrasive;
    outspoken, plain-spoken, not afraid to call a spade a spade, indelicate, tactless, undiplomatic;
    discourteous, impolite, rude, uncivil, offhand, snappish, snappy, churlish
    [Antónimos] polite, verbose
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    brusque, curt, abrupt, terse
    All these words apply to remarks that are noticeably short and unadorned, or to the people who make them. Unlike concise and succinct (see concise), all usually imply criticism, as shown by the other adjectives with which they typically occur: overbearing, arrogant, impetuous, rude, and sharp.Brusque remarks are short in an aggressive, dismissive, or off-putting way; the brusque person is trying to get a conversation over and move quickly on to something else ( he sounded nicer now he had dropped his brusque, cold manner).A curt statement or gesture is excessively businesslike and efficient, having had everything but the absolutely necessary minimum removed ( he led the way with a curt ‘Follow me!’). The absence of any extra polite or friendly remarks may make a curt comment or person appear rude.Suddenness and unexpectedness are central to the meaning of abrupt, which is from a Latin word meaning ‘broken off’. An abrupt remark has no polite or softening introduction or conclusion; an abrupt manner appears rude through the speed with which it deals with and dismisses people ( his abrupt question was laced with impatience | you were rather abrupt with that nice young man).A terse statement or expression has had any dispensable words removed—a brevity that is bald at best and verges on the harsh or unfriendly ( Luke's terse reply forbade further talk).
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