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  • 1 he spent three years training for a business career
    profession, occupation, vocation, calling, employment, job, line, line of work, walk of life, position, post, sphere; Frenchmétier
  • 2 these unions had had a chequered career
    existence, life, progress, course, progression, passage, path
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  • a career politician
    professional, permanent, full-time, committed
  • verbo

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  • he saw the runaway pram careering down the hill
    rush, hurtle, streak, shoot, race, bolt, dash, speed, run, gallop, stampede, cannon, careen, whizz, buzz, zoom, flash, blast, charge, hare, fly, wing, pelt, scurry, scud, go like the wind
    informal belt, scoot, scorch, tear, skedaddle, zap, zip, whip, burn rubber, go like a bat out of hell
    British informal bomb, bucket, shift
    North American informal hightail, clip, boogie
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