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Sinónimos de cheat en inglés:


  • 1 customers were cheated by unscrupulous retailers
    swindle, defraud, deceive, trick, dupe, hoodwink, double-cross, gull;
    exploit, take advantage of, victimize
    informaldo, diddle, rip off, con, bamboozle, rob, fleece, shaft, sting, have, bilk, rook, gyp, finagle, flimflam, put one over on, pull a fast one on, take for a ride, lead up the garden path, sell down the river, pull the wool over someone's eyes
    North American informalsucker, snooker, goldbrick, gouge, stiff, give someone a bum steer
    Australian informalpull a swifty on
    British informal, , datedrush
    archaiccozen, chicane, sell
  • 2 she cheated Ryan out of his fortune
    deprive of, deny, prevent from gaining, preclude from gaining;
  • 3 a schoolboy cheated death when he was struck by lightning
    avoid, escape, evade, elude, steer clear of, dodge, duck, miss, sidestep, bypass, skirt, shun, eschew;
    foil, frustrate, thwart, baulk, defeat
  • 4 sixty per cent of husbands have cheated at least once
    commit adultery, be unfaithful, stray, be untrue, be inconstant, be false
    informaltwo-time, play away, play around
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  • 1 he called the principal witness a liar and a cheat
    informalconman, con artist, shark, sharper, phoney, hustler, flimflammer, flimflam man
    British informaltwister
    North American informalgrifter, bunco artist, gold brick, chiseller
    Australian informalshicer, magsman, illywhacker
    South African informalschlenter
  • 2 Is there a sure cheat for generating cash?
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