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Sinónimos de colour en inglés:


  • 1 the lights flickered and changed colour
    hue, shade, tint, tone, tinge, cast, tincture
  • 2 eight tubes of oil colour
    paint, pigment, colourant, coloration, dye, stain, tint, wash
  • 3 add colour to her cheeks
    [Antónimos] pallor
  • 4 people of every colour, creed, and race
    skin colour, skin colouring, skin tone, complexion, colouring, pigmentation;
    race, ethnic group, stock
  • 5 the anecdotes and examples were chosen to add colour to strictly academic material
    vividness, life, liveliness, vivacity, vitality, animation, excitement, interest, fascination, richness, zest, verve, spice, spiciness, bite, piquancy, sparkle, impact, vigour, vigorousness, force, forcefulness, point
    informal oomph, pizzazz, zing, zip, zap, punch, kick
    literary salt
  • 6 woods were unjustifiably disafforested under colour of the Statute of 1327
    the pretext, the cloak, the mask, the pretence, the outward appearance, the guise, a false show, a show, a front, a facade, a semblance;
    on the excuse of
  • 7 (colours) Lynn runs in the colours of the Oxford City club
    strip, kit, uniform, costume, livery, insignia, regalia;
    badge, ribbon, rosette, emblem
  • 8 (colours) the regimental colours
    British  pendant;
    Nautical  burgee;
    in ancient Rome vexillum
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  • 1 the wood was coloured with a penetrating dye
  • 2 she coloured up with embarrassment
    blush, redden, go pink/red, turn red/crimson/scarlet, flush, crimson
    [Antónimos] pale
  • 3 the experiences had coloured her whole existence
    influence, affect, slant, taint, pervert, warp, twist, skew, distort, bias, prejudice, poison
  • 4 witnesses might colour evidence to make a story saleable
    exaggerate, overstate, overdraw, overdo, embroider, embellish, dramatize, enhance, varnish;
    falsify, give a false account of, misrepresent, misreport, disguise, fudge, garble, distort, manipulate, take/quote out of context, bend, put a spin on, massage, strain
  • Palabras de enlace

    chromatic relating to colour
    chromophobia fear of colour
    colorimetry measurement of colour
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