Sinónimos de come en inglés:



  • 1 do come and listen
    move nearer, move closer, approach, advance, near, draw nigh, draw close/closer, draw near/nearer; proceed, make progress, make headway, forge
    [Antónimos] go away
  • 2 they came last night
    arrive, get here/there, reach one's destination, make it, appear, put in an appearance, make an appearance, come on the scene, come up, approach, enter, present oneself, turn up, be along, come along, materialize; West Indianreach
    informal show up, show, roll in, roll up, blow in, show one's face
    [Antónimos] leave
  • 3 they came to a stream
    reach, arrive at, meet, get to, get up to, get as far as, make, make it to, set foot on, gain, attain; come across, run across, run into, happen on, chance on, light on, come upon, stumble on, blunder on, find by chance; end up at, land up at, fetch up at
    informal hit, wind up at, bump into
    archaic run against
  • 4 the dress comes to her ankles
    extend, stretch, continue, carry on, spread; reach, come as far as, not stop until
    [Antónimos] stop short of
  • 5 she comes from Belgium
    be from, be a native of, have been born in, hail from, originate in, have one's roots in, be … (by birth); live in, have one's home in, inhabit, be an inhabitant of, be settled in, reside in, be a resident of
  • 6 the attacks came without warning
  • 7 the car does not come in red
    be available, be made, be produced, be for sale, be on offer
  • informal
  • 8
    climax, achieve orgasm, orgasm
  • Frases

    come about

    the change came about in 1989happenoccurtake placetranspirefallpresent itselfcrop upmaterializearisearriveappearsurfaceensuefollow literarycome to passbefallbetide archaichap rareeventuate

    come across

  • 1 they came across two of his friends I came across some new evidence
  • 2 this emotion comes across in both books
    be communicated, be perceived, penetrate, get through, get across, be got across, be clear, be understood, be comprehended, register, be taken in, sink in, be grasped, strike home
  • 3 she came across as cool and unemotional
    seem, appear, look, sound, give the impression of being, have the appearance/air of being, strike someone as, look as though one is, look to be; Britishcome over; North Americancome off
  • 4 informal there was always a chance that she'd come across with some more information
    hand over, give, deliver, produce, part with, pay up
    informal come up with, fork out, shell out, dish out, cough up
    North American informal make with, ante up, pony up
  • come along

  • 1 the puppies are coming along nicely
    progress, make progress, develop, shape up, make headway; come on, turn out, take shape, go; improve, show improvement, get better, pick up, rally, recover, mend
    [Antónimos] deteriorate
  • 2 That's our man, Watson! Come along!
    hurry, hurry (it) up, be quick (about it), get a move on, come on, look lively, speed up, move faster
    British informal get one's skates on
    British informal , dated stir one's stumps
    North American informal get a wiggle on
    Australian/New Zealand informal rattle your dags
    South African informal put foot
    dated make haste
    [Antónimos] dawdle
  • come apart

    if the straw is too short the bales come apart very easilybreak upfall to bits/piecescome to bits/piecesdisintegratesplintercome unstuckcrumbleseparatesplittearcollapsedissolve

    come back

    he came back from work that eveningreturnget backarrive backarrive homecome homecome again

    come between

    nothing should come between brothers
    [Antónimos] unite
    alienateestrangeseparatedividesplit upbreak updisunitedisaffectset/pit against one anothercause disagreement betweensow dissension betweenset at variance/odds

    come by

    good medical care was hard to come byobtainacquiregaingetfindpick uplay hold ofpossess oneself ofcome to haveprocuresecureget possession ofbuypurchase informallandget one's hands onget one's mitts onget hold ofgrabbagscoreswingnabcollarcop

    come down

    the study comes down against kerbside collectiondecideconcludesettlereach a decisionchooseoptplump

    come down on

    the magistrate came down on him like a ton of bricks See rebuke

    come down to

    either he gives himself up or we arrest him; it comes down to the same thingamount toadd up toconstitutebe tantamount toapproximate toboil down tobe equivalent tocomprisecount as

    come down with

    many girls came down with minor ailments
    [Antónimos] shake off
    become ill/sick withfall ill/sick withbe taken ill withshow symptoms ofbecome infected withgetcatchdevelopcontracttakesicken forfall victim tobe struck down withbe stricken withBritishgo down with informaltake ill withNorth American informaltake sick with

    come forward

    a local trader came forward to pay the finesvolunteerstep forwardoffer one's servicesmake oneself available

    come in

    a hen came in through the open door
    [Antónimos] go out
    entergain admissiongain entrancecross the threshold

    come in for

    he has come in for a lot of criticismreceiveexperiencesustainundergomeet withencounterfacego throughbe subjected tobe the object ofbear the brunt ofsufferhave to put up withhave to bearhave to endure

    come into

    then he came into money and set up his own businessinheritbe/become heir tobe leftbe willedbe bequeathed Lawbe devised

    come off

  • 1 when this fondue comes off it is a very fine dish indeed
    succeed, be successful, be a success, pan out, work, turn out well, work out, go as planned, produce the desired result, get results
    informal make it, make the grade, pay off
    [Antónimos] fail
  • 2 Anthony always came off worse in an argument
  • come on

    the marrows are coming on nicelyprogressmake progressdevelopshape upmake headwaycome alongturn outtake shapeimproveshow improvement

    come out

  • 1 it came out that he'd been to Rome, too
    become known, become common knowledge, become apparent, come to light, emerge, transpire; get out, be discovered, be uncovered, be made public, be revealed, be divulged, leak out, be disclosed, be reported, be publicized, be released
    [Antónimos] be hushed up
  • 2 lots of interesting books are coming out
    be published, be issued, be released, be brought out, be produced, be printed, appear, go on sale
  • 3 the garden looks really nice in the summer when all the flowers come out
    bloom, come into bloom, flower, appear, open
    [Antónimos] wither
  • 4 I expect it will come out all right
    end, finish, conclude, terminate, develop, result, work out, turn out
    informal pan out
    rare eventuate
  • 5 if MPs don't come out voluntarily, they risk being outed by a tabloid newspaper
    declare that one is homosexual, come out of the closet
  • 6British dated she came out in 1929
    enter society, be presented, debut, make one's debut in society
  • come out with

    she was puzzled that he should come out with this remarkuttersayspeaklet outblurt outburst out with

    come round

  • 1 he has just come round from anaesthetic
    regain consciousness, recover consciousness, come to, come to life, come to one's senses, recover, revive, awake, wake up
    [Antónimos] faint go under
  • 2 he argued at first but came round eventually I came round to her point of view
    be converted (to), be won over (by), agree (with), change one's mind, be persuaded (by), give way (to), yield (to), relent, concede, grant
  • 3 the same combination of number and name only comes round every 260 days
    occur, take place, happen, come up, crop up, arise; recur, happen again, reoccur, occur again, be repeated, repeat (itself); come back (again), return; reappear, appear again
  • 4 do come round for a drink
    visit, call (in/round), pay a call, pay a visit, look in, stop by, drop by/in/round/over, come over
    informal pop in/round/over
  • come through

    his four shops came through the war intactsurviveget throughride outweatherlive throughpull throughoutlastoutlivewithstandstand up tobear up againststandendurerise abovesurmountovercomeresist informalstick out

    come to

  • 1 their bill came to £17.50
    amount to, add up to, run to, number, make, total, equal, be equal to, be equivalent to; Britishtot up to
  • 2 when I came to, I had a splitting headache
    regain consciousness, recover consciousness, come round, come to life, come to one's senses, recover, revive, awake, wake up
    [Antónimos] faint go under
  • come up

    when the opportunity came up again we didn't hesitatearisepresent itselfoccurhappencome abouttranspireemergesurfacecrop upturn uppop up

    come up to

  • 1 she came up to his shoulder
    reach, come to, come up as far as, be as tall as, extend to, stretch to
  • 2 Christmas never really came up to her expectations
    measure up to, match up to, live up to, reach, satisfy, fulfil, achieve, meet, equal, be equal to, be on a level with, compare with, admit of comparison, bear comparison with; be good enough, fit/fill the bill
    informal hold a candle to, make the grade
    [Antónimos] exceed, fall short of
  • come up with

    I needed to come up with a solutionproducedeviseproposeput forwardpresentthink upsubmitsuggestrecommendadvocateadvancemoveintroducebring forwardput on the tableput upofferproffertenderadducemoot

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