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Sinónimos de drift en inglés:


  • 1 his life raft drifted back over the horizon
    be carried, be carried (away/along), be borne, be wafted;
    float, bob, move slowly, go with the current, coast, meander
  • 2 the guests drifted away from the centre of the room
    wander, wander aimlessly, roam, rove, meander, stray, coast;
    potter, dawdle, dally
    British informal mooch
  • 3 don't allow your attention to drift
    stray, digress, depart, diverge, veer, swerve, deviate, get sidetracked
    rare divagate
  • 4 snow had drifted deep over the path
    pile up, bank up, heap up, accumulate, gather, form heaps/drifts, amass
  • Frases

    drift off
    again, I felt myself drifting off
    informal nod off, go off, crash, crash out, flake out


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  • 1 there was a drift from the country to the urban areas
    movement, shift, flow, transfer, transferral, relocation, gravitation
  • 2 the pilot had not noticed any appreciable drift
    deviation, digression, veering, straying
  • 3 he caught the drift of her thoughts
    gist, essence, core, meaning, sense, thesis, substance, significance, signification;
    thrust, import, purport, tenor, vein, spirit;
    implication, intention, direction, course, tendency, trend
  • 4 a drift of deep snow
    pile, heap, bank, mound, mass, accumulation, dune, ridge
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