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Sinónimos de ease en inglés:


  • 1 the 15-year old beat all the adult players with ease
    effortlessness, no difficulty, no trouble, no bother, facility, facileness, simplicity;
    deftness, adroitness, dexterity, proficiency, mastery
    [Antónimos] difficulty
  • 2 friends recall his ease of manner with children
    naturalness, casualness, informality, unceremoniousness, lack of reserve, lack of constraint, relaxedness, amiability, affability;
    unconcern, composure, aplomb, nonchalance, insouciance
    [Antónimos] formality, stiffness
  • 3 only in his sleep could he find any ease
    [Antónimos] trouble, disturbance
  • 4 a life of ease
    comfort, cosiness, contentment, content, enjoyment, well-being, freedom from hardship, freedom from troubles
    [Antónimos] hardship, poverty
  • Frases

    at ease/at one's ease
    when he woke he felt wonderfully at ease
    [Antónimos] tense, uncomfortable
    relaxed, calm, serene, tranquil, unworried, contented, content, happy;
    informal chilled


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  • 1 he hoped the alcohol would ease his pain
    [Antónimos] aggravate
  • 2 it was dawn before the rain eased off
    abate, subside, die down, die away, die out, drop off, let up, slacken off, diminish, quieten, lessen, grow less, tail off, peter out, taper off, wane, ebb, relent, weaken, become weaker, come to an end
    archaic remit
    [Antónimos] worsen
  • 3 concentrating on work helped to ease her mind
    calm, quieten, pacify, soothe, comfort, bring comfort to, give solace to, solace, console;
    hearten, gladden, uplift, encourage
  • 4 we want to ease our employees' adjustment to the new policy
    facilitate, make easy, make easier, expedite, speed up, assist, help, aid, advance, further, forward, smooth the way for, clear the way for, simplify
    [Antónimos] hinder
  • 5 he eased out the champagne cork with his thumbs
    guide, manoeuvre, inch, edge, steer, slide, slip, squeeze
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