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Sinónimos de exchange en inglés:


  • 1 they aim to promote the open exchange of ideas
    interchange, trade, trading, trade-off, swapping, barter, giving and taking, traffic, trafficking, bandying, reciprocity
    archaic truck
  • 2 he became a broker on the exchange
  • 3 they had a brief and acrimonious exchange
    British informal confab, row, barney, slanging match
    formal confabulation
    rare colloquy
  • verbo

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  • we exchanged shirts
    archaic truck
  • Frases

    exchange blows
    they exchanged blows with men from a nearby village
    fight, brawl, grapple, scuffle, tussle, box, come to blows, engage in fisticuffs;
    hit each other
    informal scrap, have a set-to, have a ding-dong
    British informal have a punch-up
    Scottish informal swedge
    North American informal roughhouse
    Australian/New Zealand informal stoush, go the knuckle
    exchange words
    the two exchanged words and a fight ensued
    argue, disagree, quarrel, squabble, clash, have an argument, have a disagreement, have a quarrel, have a squabble
    British informal have a slanging match
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