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Sinónimos de finger en inglés:


  • 1 he wagged his finger at her
  • 2 a dark finger of land
    strip, rectangle, sliver, streak, pencil
  • Frases

    all fingers and thumbs
    British informal


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  • 1 she fingered her brooch uneasily
    touch, feel, handle, manipulate, stroke, rub, caress, fondle, toy with, play (about/around) with, fiddle with, twiddle with, maul, meddle with, manhandle, pull, grab;
    put one's hands on, lay a finger on
    informal paw, mess
  • 2North American informal any seasoned thriller addict will immediately finger the culprit
    identify, recognize, single out, pick out, spot, choose, select, point out;
    inform on, denounce
    informal point the finger at, grass on, rat on, squeal on, tell tales about, tell on, blow the whistle on, spill the beans about, sell down the river, snitch on, peach
  • Palabras de enlace

    digital relating to fingers
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