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  • 1 a torch flashed
  • 2 the computer flashed the result on the scoreboard
    display, show, present, set forth, unveil
  • 3 informal he was flashing all this money about in the pub
  • 4 informal he opened his coat and flashed at me
    expose oneself, show/display/reveal one's genitals, commit indecent exposure
  • 5 racing cars flashed past
    zoom, streak, tear, shoot, dash, dart, fly, whistle, hurtle, rush, hurry, bolt, race, bound, speed, career, charge, hare, whizz, whoosh, buzz
    informal scoot, skedaddle, belt, zap, zip, scorch
    British informal bomb, bucket, burn rubber, go like the clappers
    North American informal barrel, lay rubber
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  • 1 a flash of light
    flare, blaze, burst, glare, pulse, blast; gleam, glint, sparkle, flicker, shimmer, twinkle, glimmer; beam, shaft, ray, streak, bar, finger, stream
  • 2 a basic uniform with no flashes
    emblem, insignia, badge, marking; patch, bright patch, streak, stripe, bar, chevron
  • 3 a sudden flash of inspiration
    burst, outbreak, outburst, wave, rush, surge, stab, flush, blaze; sudden show, brief display/exhibition
  • Frases

    in/like a flash

    it was all over in a flash
    [Antónimos] eventually slowly
    instantlysuddenlyabruptlyimmediatelyinstantaneouslyall of a suddenquicklyrapidlyswiftlyspeedilywithout delayin an instantin a momentin a (split) secondin a minutein a tricelike a shotstraight awayin a winkin the blink of an eyein the twinkling of an eyein two shakes (of a lamb's tail)before you know iton the doubleat the speed of lightlike an arrow from a bow informalin a jiffybefore you can say Jack Robinsondouble quickin double quick timep.d.q. (pretty damn quick)like (greased) lightningat warp speed


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  • informal a flash sports car See flashy
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