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  • 1 a flat surface
    level, horizontal, levelled; smooth, even, uniform, consistent, featureless, flush, plumb, regular, unvarying, continuous, unbroken, plane
    [Antónimos] vertical, bumpy
  • 2 the sea was flat
    calm, still, tranquil, pacific, undisturbed, without waves, like a millpond; glassy, motionless, waveless, unagitated
    literary stilly
    [Antónimos] choppy
  • 3 a flat wooden box
    shallow, not deep, wide
    [Antónimos] deep
  • 4 she put on some flat sandals
    low, low-heeled, heelless, without heels
    [Antónimos] high-heeled
  • 5 his voice was flat and without expression
    monotonous, toneless, droning, boring, dull, tedious, uninteresting, unexciting, soporific; bland, vapid, vacant, insipid, prosaic, dreary, colourless, featureless, jejune; emotionless, unfeeling, unexcited, unexpressive, expressionless, lifeless, spiritless, lacklustre, dead
    informal deadly
    [Antónimos] exciting, emotional
  • 6 he felt flat, used-up, weary
    [Antónimos] cheerful full of beans
  • 7 the market was flat
    slow, inactive, sluggish, slow-moving, slack, quiet, not busy, depressed, stagnant, static, dead, unproductive
    [Antónimos] busy
  • 8 flat champagne
    still, dead, no longer effervescent
    [Antónimos] sparkling
  • 9British a flat battery
    expired, dead, finished, used up, run out
    informal kaput, dud
    British informal duff
    [Antónimos] fresh, working
  • 10 a flat tyre
    [Antónimos] inflated
  • 11 I charge a flat £30 fee
    fixed, set, regular, established, unchanging, unvarying, invariable, unfluctuating, consistent, constant, uniform, straight, hard and fast
  • 12 a flat denial of any impropriety
    outright, direct, point blank, out and out, downright, absolute, definite, positive, straight, stark, all out; plain, explicit; firm, resolute, adamant, assertive, emphatic, insistent, final, conclusive; complete, utter, categorical, unconditional, sheer, thorough, thoroughgoing; unqualified, unmodified, unequivocal, unquestionable, unrestricted, unmitigated
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  • 1 I lay down flat on the floor
    stretched out, outstretched, spreadeagled, prone, reclining, sprawling, supine, prostrate, recumbent; on one's back, on one's stomach/front, (flat) on one's face
  • 2 informal I thought you'd turn me down flat
  • Frases

    fall flat

    I just felt a lot of the jokes fell flatfailbe unsuccessfulnot succeedlack successfall throughbreak downabortmiscarrybe defeatedsuffer defeatbe in vainbe frustratedcollapsefoundermisfirebackfirenot come up to scratchmeet with disastercome to griefcome to nothingcome to naughtmiss the markrun agroundgo astray

    flat out

    I'd been working flat out
    [Antónimos] moderately
    hardas hard as possiblefor all one's worthvigorouslywith a vengeanceto the utmostto the fullto the limitall outat full speedas fast as possiblepost-hasteat full tiltat breakneck speedfull steam ahead informalhell for leatherhammer and tongslike crazylike madlike a bat out of hellat a licklike the windlike a bomblike greased lightningBritish informallike billy-olike the clappersat a rate of knots

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  • a two-bedroom flat
    apartment, set of rooms, penthouse, home, residence, accommodation; rooms, living quarters, quarters; Australianhome unit
    informal pad, digs
    North American informal crib
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