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Sinónimos de float en inglés:


  • 1 oil floats on water
    stay afloat, stay on the surface, be buoyant, be buoyed up
    [Antónimos] sink
  • 2 the huge craft floated above the surface of the planet
    hover, levitate, be suspended, hang, defy gravity
  • 3 a dark cloud floated across the moon
    drift, glide, sail, slip, slide, waft, flow, stream, move, travel, be carried
    [Antónimos] rush
  • 4 the Chancellor floated the idea of offering dual citizenship
    [Antónimos] withdraw
  • 5 the company was floated on the Stock Exchange
    launch, get going, get off the ground, offer, sell, introduce, establish, set up, institute, promote
    [Antónimos] wind up, buy back
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