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  • 1 a bird flew overhead
    travel through the air, wing its way, wing, glide, soar, wheel; flutter, flit; hover, hang; take wing, take to the air, mount
  • 2 they flew to Paris
    travel/go by air, travel/go by plane, jet; Indianair-dash
  • 3 military planes flew in food supplies
    transport by air/plane, airlift, lift, jet
  • 4 he would pretend not to know how to fly the plane
  • 5 the ship was flying a quarantine flag
    display, show, exhibit; have hoisted, have run up
  • 6 the British flag flew proudly from the roof
    flutter, flap, wave, blow, waft, float, stream
  • 7 doesn't time fly when you're having fun?
    go quickly, fly by/past, pass swiftly, slip past, rush past
  • 8 the runners flew by
    race, hurry, hasten, flash, dash, dart, rush, shoot, speed, hurtle, streak, really move, spank along, whirl, whizz, go like lightning, go hell for leather, whoosh, buzz, zoom, swoop, blast, charge; stampede, gallop, chase, career, bustle, sweep, hare, wing, scurry, scud, scutter
    informal belt, scoot, scorch, tear, zap, zip, whip (along), get cracking, get a move on, step on it, burn rubber, go like a bat out of hell
    British informal bomb, bucket, shift, put one's foot down
    North American informal clip, boogie, hightail, barrel, lay rubber
    North American vulgar slang drag/tear/haul ass
    literary fleet
    archaic post, hie
  • 9 archaic the beaten army had to fly See flee (sense 1)
  • 10 dated he was forced to fly the country See flee (sense 2)
  • Frases

    fly at

    Robbie flew at him, fists clenchedattackassaultmake an assault onlaunch an attack onpounce onset uponset aboutlaunch oneself atweigh intolet fly atturn onround onlash out athit out atstrike out atbesetbelabourfall onaccostmugchargerushstorm informallay intotear intolace intosail intopitch intoget stuck intowade intolet someone have itbeat upjumpBritish informalhave a go atNorth American informallight into

    fly off the handle

    touch on anything emotional and Andrew flies off the handlelose one's temperbecome very angryfly into a rageexplodeblow uperuptlose controlgo berserkbreathe firebegin to rant and raveflare upboil over informalgo madgo crazygo wildgo bananashave a fitsee redblow one's topblow a fuseblow a gasketdo one's nuthit the roofgo through the roofgo up the wallgo off the deep endlose one's coolgo apeflipflip one's lidlose one's raglose itfreak outbe fit to be tiedbe foaming at the mouthburst a blood vesselget one's dander upgo non-linearBritish informalgo sparego crackersthrow a wobblyget one's knickers in a twistNorth American informalflip one's wigAustralian/New Zealand informalgo crook vulgar slanggo apeshit

    let fly

    See let

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    Sinónimos de fly en inglés:




    fly in the ointment

    the only fly in the ointment was Adriansnaghitchcatchdrawbackdifficultyproblemweaknessdefectpitfallcomplicationobstaclehurdlebarrierstumbling blockbarhindranceimpedimenthandicapdisadvantagerestrictionlimitation informalhiccupfacerBritish informalspanner in the worksNorth American informalmonkey wrench in the works

    fly on the wall

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at some of those meetingsobserverspectatoronlookerwatcherlooker-onviewerwitnesseyewitness

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