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  • 1 it was so cold that the river Thames froze
    turn into ice, ice over, ice up, solidify, harden
    archaic glaciate
    [Antónimos] thaw melt
  • 2 they freeze the fish as soon as they catch them
    deep-freeze, quick-freeze, freeze-dry, put in the freezer, pack in ice, put on ice, ice; store at a low temperature, chill, cool, refrigerate; preserve
    [Antónimos] thaw, warm up
  • 3 the campers stifled in summer and froze in winter
    feel very cold, go numb with cold, turn blue with cold, shiver, shiver with cold, get chilled, get chilled to the bone/marrow
    informal feel Jack Frost's fingers
    [Antónimos] overheat
  • 4 when under attack the animals freeze
    stop dead, stop in one's tracks, stop, stand (stock) still, go rigid, become motionless, become paralysed
    [Antónimos] run away
  • 5 the prices of basic foodstuffs were frozen
    fix, suspend, hold, peg, set; limit, restrict, curb, check, cap, confine, control, regulate; hold/keep down
    [Antónimos] change
  • Frases

    freeze someone out

    informal she was frozen out by her husband's relatives
    [Antónimos] include, welcome
    excludeleave outshut outcut outneglectignoreostracizerejectdisownspurnslightsnubshuncutcut deadturn one's back oncold-shouldergive someone the cold shoulderleave out in the coldBritishsend to Coventry informalknock backbrush offgive someone the brush-offstiff-armhand someone the frozen mittBritish informalblankNorth American informalgive someone the brushAustralian informalsnout informal, datedgive someone the go-by Christianityexcommunicate


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  • 1 only three race meetings have escaped the big freeze
    cold snap, spell of cold weather, freeze-up, frost
    [Antónimos] heatwave
  • 2 a two-year wage freeze
    fix, suspension, hold
  • Palabras de enlace

    cryo- related prefix, as in cryonic, cryolite

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