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Sinónimos de grade en inglés:


  • 1 hotels within the same grade
    category, class, classification, grouping, group, set, section, bracket, division, type, brand
  • 2 they appointed him to the lowest grade
    stage, step, rung, rung on the ladder, notch, stratum, tier;
    degree of proficiency, degree of quality, degree of merit
  • 3North American they got the best grades in the school
    mark, score, grading, assessment, evaluation, appraisal
  • 4North American a kid in the fifth grade
    class, form, study group, school group, set, stream, band;
  • 5North American roads on steep grades
  • Frases

    make the grade
    informal he lacked the experience to make the grade
    [Antónimos] fail
    come up to standard, come up to scratch, qualify, pass, pass muster, measure up, measure up to expectation;
    succeed, be successful, come through, come through with flying colours, win through, get through
    informal be up to snuff, cut it, cut the mustard, crack it


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  • 1 the weights were graded in the box by size
  • 2North American children should be told how they have been graded
    assess, mark, score, judge, evaluate, appraise
  • 3 all these categories grade into one another
    pass, shade, change, merge, blend, transmute, turn
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