Sinónimos de hack en inglés:



  • 1 Stuart hacked the padlock off they had to hack their way through the jungle
    cut, chop, hew, lop, saw;
  • 2 he was wheezing and hacking
    cough, bark, rasp, wheeze
  • Frases

    hack it

    informal Adam moved out because he couldn't hack it
    cope, manage, get on, get along, get by, carry on, muddle through, muddle along, come through, stand on one's own two feet, weather the storm;
    stand it, tolerate it, bear it, endure it, put up with it;
    Scottish thole it
    informal make out, handle it, abide it, stick it
    British informal rub along, be doing with it

    hack someone off

    informal it hacks him off when he misses a putt See annoy


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  • a smoker's hack
    cough, bark, rasp, wheeze
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    Sinónimos de hack en inglés:



  • 1 he briefed the media's industry hacks before the party conference
    journalist, reporter, correspondent, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman, writer, feature writer, contributor, columnist, Grub Street writer;
    British pressman;
    North American legman, wireman;
    Australian roundsman
    North American informal newsy
    archaic penny-a-liner
  • 2 a hard-working, clerical hack
    drudge, menial, menial worker, factotum, toiler, plodder, doormat, hewer of wood and drawer of water;
    servant, lackey, labourer, slave, galley slave
    North American peon, gofer
    archaic scullion, servitor
  • 3 the average riding-school hack
    nag, inferior horse, tired-out horse, worn-out horse, Rosinante
    informal bag of bones, crock
    North American informal plug, crowbait
    Australian/New Zealand informal moke
    British informal , dated screw
    archaic jade, rip, keffel
  • 4North American they hailed an empty hack
    taxi, cab, taxi cab, minicab, hackney cab
    British formal hackney carriage
    historical fiacre
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