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  • 1 the floods forced people to flee their homes
    place of residence, accommodation, property, a roof over one's head; quarters, lodgings, rooms; address, location, place
    informal pad
    British informal digs
  • 2 there is a growing demand for new homes
    house, flat, apartment, bungalow, cottage, terraced house, semi-detached house, detached house
    informal semi
  • 3 I spent long stretches of time far from my home
    native land, homeland, home town, birthplace, roots, fatherland, motherland, mother country, country of origin, land of one's fathers, the old country
  • 4 a private home for the elderly
    institution, residential home, nursing home, old people's home, retirement home, convalescent home, rest home, children's home; hospice, shelter, refuge, retreat, asylum, hostel
  • 5 Piedmont is the home of Italy's finest red wines
    domain, realm, place of origin, source, cradle, fount, fountainhead
  • 6 Montana is home to a surprising number of rare animals
    natural habitat, natural environment, natural territory, habitat, home ground, stamping ground, haunt
  • Frases

    at home

  • 1 I told him I'd be at home most of the day
    in, in one's house, present, available, indoors, inside, here
    [Antónimos] out
  • 2 Milan was one of the big cities where she felt very much at home
    at ease, comfortable, relaxed, content, confident, at peace, in one's element
    [Antónimos] ill at ease
  • 3 he was not particularly at home with mathematics
    [Antónimos] unused to
  • 4 she took to her room and was not at home to friends
    entertaining, receiving, playing host to, showing hospitality to
  • bring something home to someone

    Art's illness brought home to them the gravity of the situationmake someone realizemake someone understandmake someone aware ofmake someone conscious ofmake something clear to someonedrive homepress homeimpress upon someonedraw attention tofocus attention onpoint upunderlinehighlightspotlightforegroundemphasizestress

    hit home

    See hit

    nothing to write home about

    informal his looks were nothing to write home about
    [Antónimos] exceptional
    unexceptionalmediocreordinarycommoncommonplaceindifferentaveragemiddle-of-the-roadrun-of-the-millmiddlingmediummoderateeverydayworkadaytolerablepassableadequatefairnothing out of the ordinary informalOKso-sobog-standardfair-to-middling(plain) vanillano great shakesnot so hotnot up to muchBritish informalcommon or gardenNorth American informalorneryNew Zealand informalhalf-pie


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  • 1 we need to stimulate demand within the UK home market
    [Antónimos] foreign international
  • 2 a sale of home produce
    home-made, home-grown, locally produced, family, local
  • verbo

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    home in on

    a teaching style which homes in on what is of central importance for each pupilfocus onfocus attention onconcentrate onzero in oncentre onfix onaim athighlightspotlightunderlinepinpoint informalzoom in on

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    oikophobia fear of home

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