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Sinónimos de honour en inglés:


  • 1 the general's record shows that he was a man of honour
    [Antónimos] dishonour
  • 2 he earned the honour of having the archive named after him a mark of honour
    distinction, privilege, glory, tribute, kudos, cachet, prestige, fame, renown, merit, credit, importance, illustriousness, notability;
    respect, esteem, approbation
    [Antónimos] disgrace
  • 3 our national honour is at stake
    reputation, good name, name, character, repute, prestige, image, kudos, cachet, standing, stature, status;
    Indian  izzat
  • 4 he was welcomed with honour by the king
    [Antónimos] contempt
  • 5 Mrs Young had the honour of being received by the Queen
    privilege, pleasure, pride, satisfaction, joy, compliment, favour, source of pleasure, source of pride
    [Antónimos] shame
  • 6 the highest military honours
    accolade, award, reward, prize, decoration, distinction, order, title, medal, ribbon, star, laurel, laurel wreath, bay, palm
    Military , informal fruit salad
    British informal gong
  • 7 she died defending her honour
  • verbo

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  • 1 we should love and honour our parents
    hold in great respect, hold in high esteem, have a high regard for, esteem, respect, admire, defer to, look up to, think highly of;
    appreciate, value, prize, cherish;
    informal put on a pedestal
    [Antónimos] dishonour
  • 2 talented writers were honoured at a special ceremony
    applaud, acclaim, praise, salute, recognize, celebrate, commemorate, commend, glorify, hail, lionize, exalt, fete, eulogize, give credit to, pay homage to, pay tribute to, show appreciation of, give accolades to, sing the praises of, sing paeans to
    archaic magnify
    rare laud, panegyrize, emblazon
    [Antónimos] disgrace, criticize
  • 3 make sure the franchisees honour the terms of the contract
    fulfil, observe, keep, discharge, implement, perform, execute, effect, obey, heed, follow, carry out, carry through, keep to, abide by, adhere to, comply with, conform to, act in accordance with, be true to, be faithful to, live up to
    rare effectuate
    [Antónimos] disobey
  • 4 the bank informed him that the cheque would not be honoured
    cash, accept, take, clear, pass, encash, convert into cash, convert into money
    [Antónimos] bounce
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