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Sinónimos de humble en inglés:


  • 1 her bearing was very humble and apologetic
    meek, deferential, respectful, submissive, self-effacing, unassertive, unpresuming;
    obsequious, sycophantic, servile;
    Scottish  mim
    archaic resistless
    [Antónimos] proud, overbearing
  • 2 she came from a humble, unprivileged background
    low-ranking, low, lowly, lower-class, plebeian, proletarian, working-class, undistinguished, poor, mean, ignoble, of low birth, low-born, of low rank;
    common, commonplace, ordinary, simple, inferior, unimportant, unremarkable, insignificant, inconsequential
    informal plebby
    archaic baseborn
    [Antónimos] noble
  • 3 welcome to my humble abode
    unpretentious, modest, unostentatious, plain, simple, ordinary
    [Antónimos] grand
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  • 1 I knew he had humbled himself to ask for my help
    humiliate, abase, demean, belittle, lower, degrade, debase, bring down, bring low;
    mortify, shame, put to shame, abash, subdue, chasten, make someone eat humble pie, take down a peg or two
    informal put down, cut down to size, settle someone's hash
    North American informal make someone eat crow
  • 2 Wales were humbled at Cardiff Arms Park by Romania
    defeat, beat, beat hollow, crush, trounce, conquer, vanquish, rout, smash, overwhelm, get the better of, give a drubbing to, bring someone to their knees
    North American informal shellac, blow out, cream, skunk
    US informal own
    [Antónimos] be victorious over
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