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Sinónimos de inflate en inglés:


  • 1 we started to inflate the balloons the mattress inflated
    blow up, fill with air, aerate, fill up, puff up, puff out, pump up;
    dilate, distend, swell
    [Antónimos] deflate
  • 2 one effect of the demand for second homes was to inflate prices
    [Antónimos] decrease, depress
  • 3 numbers have been greatly inflated by the local press
    exaggerate, magnify, pump up, overplay, overstate, dramatize, elaborate, enhance, embellish, touch up, blow up, blow up out of all proportion;
    increase, extend, amplify, augment, expand, intensify, swell;
    stretch the truth
    informal make a big thing out of
    [Antónimos] play down, understate
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