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Sinónimos de join en inglés:


  • 1 the two parts of the mould are joined with clay
    connect, unite, fix, affix, attach, add, annex, fasten, stick, glue, fuse, knit, weld, amalgamate, consolidate, combine, bond, append, link, bridge, secure, lock, make fast, tie, bind, string, lash, couple, marry, pair, yoke, team, chain, merge, dovetail, splice, blend
    formal conjoin
    [Antónimos] separate
  • 2 here the path joins a major road
    meet, touch, reach, extend to, abut, adjoin, border (on), converge (with);
    [Antónimos] leave
  • 3 I'm off to join the search party
    become a member of, help in, participate in, join in, get involved in, contribute to, have a hand in;
    enlist (in), join up (with), sign up (with), affiliate to, team up (with), join forces (with), play a part (in);
    band together, get together, ally
    [Antónimos] leave
  • Frases

    join up
    he joined up in 1939, becoming an RAF officer
    enlist, join;
    enrol in, sign up for, volunteer for
    British archaic take the King's shilling


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  • See joint
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