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  • 2 she knocked her knee painfully on the table
    bump, bang, hit, strike, crack; injure, hurt, damage, bruise
    informal bash, thwack


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knock about/around

knock someone/something about/around

her husband was a brute who used to knock her about beat upbeatbatterstrikehitpunchthumpthrashsmackslapcuffbuffetpummelbelabourmaltreatmistreatabuseill-treatill-usetreat roughlyassaultattackmaulmanhandleinjuredamagecause injury tohurtharmwoundbruiseNorth Americanbeat up on informalrough updo overlay intolace intogive someone a hidingclobbercloutbashbeltwhackwallopsockplugdeck archaicsmite

knock something back

informal she knocked back her gin swallowgulp downdrink upswill downswillquaffguzzletoss offconsumefinish informaldownswigget one's laughing gear roundNorth American informalscarf (down/up)snarf (down/up)chug rareingurgitatebib

knock someone down

two men knocked him down their son was knocked down by a car fellfloorflattenbring downprostratetoppleknock to the groundthrow to the groundrugby-tacklemugattackassaultset uponbeat upknock overrun overrun down

knock something down

knock off

British informal they knock off at 5 o'clock
[Antónimos] clock on
stop workfinish workfinish workingclock offclose shopshut downleave workfinish the working daytake a breakbreakbreak offrestpausestophaltfinish informalcall it a dayhave a breathertake five

knock someone off

informal the person who slugged me was the one who knocked off Maloney killmurderassassinatedo to deathdo away withmake away withget rid ofdispose ofeliminateliquidateterminatefinish off informaldo inbump offtoppolish offcroakstiffNorth American informalwasteblow awayiceoffrub out literaryslay

knock something off

  • 3 I've always been able to knock off several years from my age
    deduct, take off, subtract, take away, dock, debit, remove
    I've always been able to knock off several years from my age
    [Antónimos] add on

knock it off!

informal ‘Oh, knock it off,’ she snapped stop it informalcut it outgive it a restleave offpack it inlay offquitBritish informalgive over

knock someone out

  • 1 I hit him with the axe and knocked him out
    stun, strike unconscious, knock unconscious, render unconscious, knock senseless, stupefy, daze, lay out, floor, prostrate, level
    informal KO, kayo, knock cold, put out cold

knock up

they were knocking up before the tennis match warm uppractisehave a practice gamehit a ball around

knock someone up

  • 2 informal he's going to marry her—he's knocked her up
    make pregnant, impregnate, inseminate
    informal put in the family way
    British informal get in the club
    archaic get with child

knock something up

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