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Sinónimos de knock en inglés:


  • 1 he knocked on the door marked ‘Enquiries’
  • 2 she knocked her knee painfully on the table
    bump, bang, hit, strike, crack;
    injure, hurt, damage, bruise
    informal bash, thwack
  • 3 he knocked into an elderly man with a walking stick
    collide with, bump into, bang into, knock against, hit, strike, be in collision with, run into, crash into, smash into, plough into, slam into, dash against, ram, jolt;
    North American  impact
    informal bash into
  • 4 informal I'm not knocking the company—it's first-class
    criticize, find fault with, run down, disparage, belittle, depreciate, deprecate, detract from, give a bad press to, cast aspersions on, scoff at, deride, jeer at, carp at, cavil at;
    lambaste, censure, condemn, denounce, revile, attack
    informal slam, pan, bash, pull to pieces, pull apart, pick holes in, maul, savage, flay, throw brickbats at, shoot down, give something a battering, talk something down, have a go at, bad-mouth
    British informal slate, rubbish, slag off
    North American informal trash, pummel
    Australian/New Zealand informal bag
    [Antónimos] praise
  • Frases

    knock about/around
  • 1 for a couple of years we knocked around the Mediterranean
    wander, roam, rove, range, travel, travel idly, journey, voyage, globetrot, drift, coast, meander, gad about, gallivant, jaunt, take a trip, go on a trip;
    ramble, stroll, saunter, maunder, amble, traipse, dawdle, potter;
    traverse, travel round, roam around, range over
  • 2 she knocked around with artists
    associate, consort, keep company, go around, mix, socialize, have dealings, have to do with, accompany, escort;
    be friends, be friendly
    informal hobnob, hang out, run around, be thick with, chum around, pal around, pal up
  • informal
    knock someone/something about/around
    her husband was a brute who used to knock her about
    maltreat, mistreat, abuse, ill-treat, ill-use, treat roughly, assault, attack, maul, manhandle;
    injure, damage, cause injury to, hurt, harm, wound, bruise;
    North American  beat up on
    informal rough up, do over, lay into, lace into, give someone a hiding, clobber, clout, bash, belt, whack, wallop, sock, plug, deck
    archaic smite
    knock something back
    informal she knocked back her gin
    swallow, gulp down, drink up, swill down, swill, quaff, guzzle, toss off, consume, finish
    informal down, swig
    get one's laughing gear round
    North American informal scarf (down/up), snarf (down/up), chug
    knock someone down
    two men knocked him down their son was knocked down by a car
    fell, floor, flatten, bring down, prostrate, topple, knock to the ground, throw to the ground, rugby-tackle;
    mug, attack, assault, set upon, beat up;
    knock over, run over, run down
    knock something down
  • 1 the shop was closed and knocked down
    raze, raze to the ground, level, flatten, knock to the ground, topple, fell, bulldoze
  • 2 informal the firm has knocked down the prices of its machines
    reduce, lower, cut, decrease, bring down, drop, put down, diminish, mark down
    informal slash, down
  • knock off
    British informal they knock off at 5 o'clock
    [Antónimos] clock on
    stop work, finish work, finish working, clock off, close shop, shut down, leave work, finish the working day;
    take a break, break, break off, rest, pause, stop, halt, finish
    informal call it a day, have a breather, take five
    knock someone off
    informal the person who slugged me was the one who knocked off Maloney
    kill, murder, assassinate, do to death, do away with, make away with, get rid of, dispose of, eliminate, liquidate, terminate, finish off
    informal do in, bump off, top, polish off, croak, stiff
    North American informal waste, blow away, ice, off, rub out
    literary slay
    knock something off
  • 1 someone knocked off the video recorder
    thieve, rob
    informal nab, snitch, snaffle, swipe, filch, lift, souvenir
    British informal pinch, nick, half-inch, whip, nobble
    North American informal heist, glom
    Australian informal snavel
    West Indian informal tief
  • 2 we expect you to knock off three stories a day
    produce, make, turn out, create, construct, assemble, fashion, put together, fabricate;
    complete, finish;
  • 3 I've always been able to knock off several years from my age
    deduct, take off, subtract, take away, dock, debit, remove
    [Antónimos] add on
  • informal
    knock it off!
    informal ‘Oh, knock it off,’ she snapped
    stop it
    informal cut it out, give it a rest, leave off, pack it in, lay off, quit
    British informal give over
    knock someone out
  • 1 I hit him with the axe and knocked him out
    stun, strike unconscious, knock unconscious, render unconscious, knock senseless, stupefy, daze, lay out, floor, prostrate, level
    informal KO, kayo, knock cold, put out cold
  • 2 England had been knocked out of the World Cup
  • 3 informal walking that far knocked her out
    British informal knacker
    North American informal poop
  • 4 informal the view from my window knocked me out
    impress, dazzle, enchant, entrance
    informal bowl over, flabbergast, knock sideways, knock for six, hit like a ton of bricks, floor, blow away
  • knock up
    they were knocking up before the tennis match
    warm up, practise, have a practice game, hit a ball around
    knock someone up
  • 1British informal we were knocked up at five in the morning
    wake, wake up, waken, awaken, call, rouse, arouse, get out of bed, get up
  • 2 informal he's going to marry her—he's knocked her up
    make pregnant, impregnate, inseminate
    informal put in the family way
    British informal get in the club
    archaic get with child
  • knock something up
  • 1British informal I could knock up some frames
    make quickly, put together quickly, prepare hastily, build rapidly, whip up, rig up, jerry-build, throw together, cobble together, improvise, devise, contrive;
    make, prepare, produce, get, get ready, assemble, put together
    informal fix, rustle up
  • 2 informal Gloucester knocked up their biggest win of the season
    achieve, attain, accomplish, gain, win, succeed in making, reach, make, get, obtain;
    informal clock up, notch up, rack up, bag
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 there was a sharp knock at the door
    tap, rap, rat-tat, rat-tat-tat, knocking, bang, banging, beating, pounding, hammering, drumming, thump, thud
  • 2 the casing is tough enough to withstand knocks
    bump, blow, bang, striking, beating, jolt, jar, jarring, shock;
    collision, crash, smash, impact
  • 3 a knock on the ear
  • 4 informal this isn't a knock on Dave, he's the best player we've got
    [Antónimos] praise
  • 5 life's hard knocks
    setback, reversal, reverse of fortune, rebuff, rejection, defeat, failure, difficulty, misfortune, bad luck, stroke of bad luck, mishap, bad experience, blow, body blow, disaster, calamity, disappointment, grief, sorrow, trouble, hardship
    informal kick in the teeth, one in the eye, whammy
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