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lay 1


  • 1 Curtis laid the empty can on the passenger seat
    put, place, set, put down, set down, deposit, rest, situate, sit, settle, stow, balance, station, drop, leave, let fall, throw down, fling down, deploy, locate, position
    informalplant, stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, pop, shove
    [Antónimos] pick up
  • 2 the Act which laid the foundation for the modern education system
    set in place/position, put in place/position, set out, position;
  • 3 I'll lay money that Michelle will be there
    bet, wager, gamble, stake, hazard, risk, chance, venture;
    informalpunt, have a flutter
  • 4 he had been the first to lay formal charges
    bring, bring forward, put forward, submit, advance, present, press, prefer, offer, lodge, register, place, file, table;
    accuse, charge, indict;
    North American impeach
  • 5 he laid the blame for the crisis firmly at the Prime Minister's door
    assign, attribute, ascribe, allocate, allot, impute, attach, impose, fix;
    hold someone responsible, hold someone accountable, hold someone answerable, condemn, find guilty of, pin the blame on
    [Antónimos] exonerate, hold blameless
  • 6 we laid plans for the next voyage
    devise, arrange, contrive, make, prepare, work out, hatch, concoct, design, plan, scheme, plot, organize, frame, think up, dream up, cook up, brew, conceive, make ready, get ready, put together, draw up, produce, develop, compose, formulate
  • 7 the new section laid a responsibility on the court to consider whether financial obligations should be terminated
    impose, apply, entrust, vest, place, put;
    inflict, encumber, saddle, tax, charge, burden
    [Antónimos] excuse
  • 8 the eagles laid two eggs
  • Frases

    lay something aside

  • 1 payments for farmers who lay aside areas for conservation
    put aside, put to one side, keep, save, store, hold in abeyance
  • 2 producers must lay aside the conservatism that hindered development in the past
    abandon, cast aside, reject, renounce, repudiate, dismiss, disregard, ignore, forget, discard
    [Antónimos] take up
  • 3 Protestants opposed it strongly enough to lead the government to lay the idea aside
    informalput on the back burner, put in cold storage
    [Antónimos] pursue, promote, progress
  • lay something bare

    the secrets of his heart will be laid bare
    [Antónimos] conceal
    reveal, disclose, divulge, show, expose, exhibit, bring to light, uncover, unveil, unmask, manifest, express, highlight, pinpoint, put the spotlight on, betray, give away, smoke out, let slip, blurt out, publish, acknowledge, make a clean breast of, make known, make public

    lay something down

  • 1 he laid down his glass
    put down, set down, place down, deposit, drop, station, leave, rest
  • 2 they were forced to lay down their weapons
    relinquish, surrender, give up, yield, cede, turn over;
    disarm, give in, submit, capitulate, raise/show the white flag, throw in the towel/sponge, demilitarize
  • 3 the ground rules laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority
    formulate, stipulate, set down, draw up, frame;
    prescribe, order, command, ordain, dictate, decree, enjoin, assert;
    pronounce, announce, proclaim, promulgate;
    enact, pass, direct, decide, determine, impose, establish, institute, specify, fix, codify
  • 4 I like to buy young wines and lay them down for a few years
    store, put into store, keep for future use, keep, save
  • lay down the law

    when his father tried to lay down the law, he rebelled
    order someone about/around, tell someone what to do, boss someone about/around, ride roughshod over someone, be dogmatic, be domineering;
    call the shots, call the tune

    lay eyes on

    informal I've never laid eyes on him before!
    informalclap/set eyes on, clock
    literarybehold, espy, descry

    lay hands on

  • 1 wait till I lay my hands on you!
    catch, lay hold of, get one's hands on, get hold of, seize, grab, snatch, clutch, grip, grasp, capture
    [Antónimos] let go, leave alone
  • 2 it's not easy to lay your hands on decent champagne around here
    obtain, acquire, get, come by, find, locate, discover, unearth, uncover, bring to light, run to earth, turn up, pick up, come up with, secure, procure, hit on, ferret out, get one's hands on, encounter, get possession of, buy, purchase
    informalget one's mitts on
  • 3 the pastor will lay hands on those who come before him
    bless, consecrate;
  • lay something in

    Bill proposed that we should lay in a lot of good meat, and keep it for the winter
    stock up with/on, stockpile, store (up), amass, heap up, hoard, save, stow, put aside, garner, accumulate, pile up, mass, assemble, stack up, put away, stow away, husband, reserve, preserve, conserve, collect, muster, put by, put by for a rainy day, squirrel away

    lay into

  • 1 a policeman laying into a protestor
    attack, assail, hit, strike, let fly at, tear into, lash out at, set about, set upon, fall on, turn on, assault, beat, thrash, pound, pummel, wallop, hammer, pounce on, round on, pelt, drub
    informallace into, sail into, pitch into, let someone have it, get stuck into, paste, do over, knock about/around, rough up
    British informalhave a go at
    [Antónimos] leave in peace
  • 2 there was no reason for him to lay into her with a string of insults
    criticize harshly, castigate, censure, lambaste, harangue, condemn, pillory, rant at, rave at;
    berate, upbraid, rebuke, chide, reproach, reprove, scold
    informalpitch into, crucify, rubbish, slag off
    British informalhave a go at
    North American informallight into, bad-mouth, bawl out
    [Antónimos] praise, extol
  • informal

    lay it on

    informal lay it on thick about what you'll do for them
    [Antónimos] understate
    exaggerate, stretch the truth, overdo it, overstate one's case, embellish the truth;
    flatter, pay extravagant compliments, give fulsome praise, over-praise, soft-soap
    informalpile it on, lay it on with a trowel/shovel, ham it up, sweet-talk

    lay off

    informal you should lay off smoking
    [Antónimos] start, take up
    North American quit

    lay someone off

    cutbacks forced the museum to lay off 244 employees
    [Antónimos] take on, hire
    make redundant, dismiss, let go, discharge, give notice to, pay off, release

    lay something on

    they arrived at the club to find no refreshments laid on
    provide, supply, furnish, give, fix up, line up, organize, prepare, produce, come up with, dispense, purvey, bestow, impart, make available;

    lay someone out

    informal he belted him, laid him out flat
    knock out, knock unconscious, knock down, fell, floor, flatten, prostrate
    informalKO, kayo, knock for six

    lay something out

  • 1 Robyn laid the plans out on the desk
    spread out, set out, arrange, display, exhibit, distribute, line up, order
    [Antónimos] fold up, put away
  • 2 a pamphlet which tells you how to lay out election leaflets
    design, plan, set out, arrange;
    map out, outline, sketch out, rough out, block out, detail, draw up, formulate, work out, frame, draft, plot out, trace out
  • 3 informal he had to lay out $70 on antibiotics
    lavish, squander, waste, dissipate
    British informalstump up
    North American informalante up, pony up
  • lay waste

    the army laid waste to hundreds of villages
    devastate, wipe out, destroy, demolish, annihilate, raze, ruin, leave in ruins, wreck, level, flatten, gut, consume, ravage, pillage, sack, wreak havoc on

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    Sinónimos de lay en inglés:

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    lay 2


  • 1 a lay preacher
    [Antónimos] ordained
  • 2 I cannot explain to a lay audience the techniques I used to study these genes
    [Antónimos] qualified, professional
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