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  • 1 some of these amphibians grew to a length of three or four metres from the plane she was able to see the whole length of the valley
    extent, extent lengthwise, distance, distance lengthwise, linear measure, span, reach; area, expanse, stretch, range, scope
  • 2 there has been a tremendous increase in the length of time spent on remand
    period, duration, stretch, term, span
  • 3 a length of pale blue silk
    piece, swatch, portion, section, measure, segment, roll
  • 4 MPs criticized the length of the speech
    protractedness, lengthiness, extent, extensiveness, elongation; prolixity, prolixness, wordiness, verbosity, verboseness, long-windedness
    [Antónimos] conciseness brevity
  • Frases

    at length

  • 1 he spoke at length of his suitability for the job
    [Antónimos] briefly
  • 2 when questioned at length he insisted he had no links with terrorists
    thoroughly, fully, in detail, in depth, comprehensively, exhaustively, completely, extensively, to the fullest extent
  • 3 his search had led him, at length, to the headquarters in Seattle
    [Antónimos] immediately straight away
  • go to any length(s)

    they'll go to any lengths to obtain money to buy drugsdo absolutely anythinggo to any extremego to any limitsobserve no limits

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