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Sinónimos de link en inglés:


  • 1 a chain made of steel links
    loop, ring, connection, connective, connector, coupling, joint, knot
  • 2 the links between transport and the environment
    connection, relationship, relatedness, association, linkage, tie-up
  • 3 they cultivated their links with the labour movement
    bond, tie, attachment, connection, relationship, association, affiliation;
    mutual interest, liaison;
  • 4 one of the links in the organization
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  • 1 four boxes were linked together
    join, connect, fasten, attach, bind, unite, combine, amalgamate;
    clamp, secure, fix, affix, tie, stick, hitch, bond, knit, glue, cement, fuse, weld, solder, couple, yoke
    [Antónimos] detach, separate
  • 2 there wasn't a scrap of evidence linking him with the body
    associate, connect, relate, join, bracket, draw a connection between, marry, wed
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