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Sinónimos de loose en inglés:


  • 1 a loose floorboard
    not fixed in place, not secure, insecure, unsecured, unattached;
    wobbly, rickety, unsteady, movable
    [Antónimos] secure, tight
  • 2 she wore her hair loose
    untied, unpinned, unbound, hanging free, down, flowing, floppy
  • 3 there's a wolf loose in the woods
    [Antónimos] secure
  • 4 the loose interpretation of a particular ruling
    vague, indefinite, inexact, imprecise, ill-defined, unrigorous, unmeticulous;
    [Antónimos] literal, narrow
  • 5 a loose jacket
    baggy, loose-fitting, easy-fitting, generously cut, slack, roomy, boyfriend;
    oversized, shapeless, bagging, lax, hanging, sagging, sloppy, slouchy
    [Antónimos] tight
  • 6 dated a loose woman See promiscuous (sense 1)
  • Frases

    at a loose end
    why don't you stay to eat, if you're at a loose end?
    [Antónimos] busy
    with nothing to do, unoccupied, unemployed, at leisure, idle, purposeless, aimless, adrift, with time to kill;
    break loose
    the tethered horses broke loose
    escape, make one's escape, get away, get free, break free, free oneself;
    run off, run away, make a break for it, make a run for it, bolt, take to one's heels
    let loose
  • 1 she let the python loose
    free, set free, unloose, turn loose, set loose, let go, release, liberate;
  • 2 she let loose a graceless snort
    emit, give, burst out with, give forth, send forth;
    shout, yell, bellow
  • on the loose
    a serial killer was on the loose
    free, at liberty, at large, escaped, set loose, unconfined, unrestrained, roaming, unbound, unrestricted, untied, unchained, unshackled, unfettered;
    on the run, fugitive
    informal on the lam


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  • 1 the cattle were loosed on the common
    free, set free, unloose, turn loose, set loose, let loose, let go, release, liberate;
    [Antónimos] confine
  • 2 he loosed the reins a little the steel fingers loosed their hold
    weaken, lessen, reduce, diminish, moderate, soften
    [Antónimos] tighten
  • 3 Brian loosed off a shot though the back of the car
    fire, discharge, shoot, eject, catapult, let go, let fly with
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