Sinónimos de pass en inglés:

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pass 1


  • 1 the traffic passing through the village
    go, proceed, move, progress, make one's way, travel, drive, fly;
    run, flow, course, stream, roll, drift, sweep
    [Antónimos] halt, stop
  • 2 every time a car passed him, he worried it might be the police
    overtake, go past, move past, go by, get ahead of, pull ahead of, go ahead of;
    outstrip, outdistance, lap, leave behind;
    British overhaul
  • 3 as time passed, my feelings towards him slowly changed
    elapse, go by, go past, proceed, progress, advance, wear on, slip by, slip away, roll by, glide by, tick by
  • 4 he passed the time writing letters
    occupy, spend, fill, use (up), employ, devote, take up, while away, beguile;
    kill, waste, fritter, dissipate
  • 5 pass me the salt, please
    hand, let someone have, give, hand over, hand round, reach;
    transfer, convey, deliver;
    throw, toss
    informal chuck, bung
  • 6 he passed the ball back to the goalkeeper
    kick, hit, throw, head, lob, loft
  • 7 on her death in 1865, the estate passed to her grandson
    be transferred, be made over, be turned over, be signed over, go, devolve, be left, be bequeathed, be handed down/on, be given, be consigned, be passed on
  • 8 his death passed almost unnoticed
  • 9 the storm passed as quickly as it had begun
    come to an end, cease to exist, fade, fade away, melt away, blow over, run its course, ebb, die out, evaporate, vanish, peter out, draw to a close, disappear, finish, end, cease, terminate
    rare evanish
  • 10 God's peace passes all human understanding
    surpass, exceed, go beyond, transcend, outdo, surmount, outstrip
  • 11 he passed the entrance exam
    be successful in, succeed in, gain a pass in, get through, come through, meet the requirements of, pass muster in;
    qualify, graduate
    informal come up to scratch in, come up to snuff in, sail through, scrape through
    [Antónimos] fail
  • 12 the Senate passed the defence bill by seventy votes to sixteen
    approve, vote for, accept, ratify, adopt, carry, agree to, authorize, sanction, endorse, validate, legalize, put into effect, enact
    informal OK
    [Antónimos] reject
  • 13 there was no way she could let that comment pass
    go unnoticed, go unheeded, stand, go, be accepted, go unremarked, go undisputed, go uncensored
  • 14 I'm hardly in a position to pass judgement on her
    declare, pronounce, utter, express, deliver, issue, set forth
  • 15 he felt a stinging sensation every time he passed urine
    discharge, excrete, eliminate, evacuate, expel, emit, void, release, let out
  • Frases

    come to pass

    such a moment came to pass one fateful Saturday back in 1985
    literary befall

    pass away/on

    she passed away peacefully in her sleep See die

    pass as/for

    she could easily pass for someone half her age
    be mistaken for, be taken for, be regarded as, be accepted as

    pass off

  • 1 the rally passed off peacefully
    take place, go off, happen, occur, be carried though, be completed, be brought to a conclusion, be accomplished;
    turn out, fall out, pan out;
    North American go down
  • 2 when the dizziness passed off he sat up and looked at his watch
    wear off, come to an end, fade, fade away, pass, disappear, vanish, die down, ebb
  • pass someone off

    he added Natasha's name to his passport, passing her off as his daughter
    misrepresent, falsely represent, give a false identity to;
    disguise, dress up

    pass out

    she probably banged her head when she passed out
    faint, collapse, lose consciousness, black out, keel over
    informal flake out, conk out
    literary swoon

    pass something over

    the court cannot possibly pass over these offences
    disregard, overlook, ignore, avoid considering, not take into consideration, forget, pay no attention to, let pass, let go, gloss over, take no notice of, pay no heed to, take no account of, close one's eyes to, turn a deaf ear to, turn a blind eye to, omit, skip
    archaic overleap

    pass something up

    I can't pass up a bargain like this, can I?
    fail to take advantage of, turn down, reject, refuse, decline, deny oneself, give up, forgo, let go by, let pass, miss, miss out on, ignore, brush aside, dismiss, waive, spurn, neglect, abandon
    informal give something a miss


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  • 1 you can only get in if you have a pass
    permit, warrant, authorization, licence;
    passport, visa, safe conduct, exeat;
    free ticket, free admission, complimentary ticket
  • 2 a cross-field pass
    kick, hit, throw, shot, header
  • Frases

    come to a pretty pass

    things have come to a pretty pass if the tabloids are influencing England's selection policy
    reach a regrettable/bad state (of affairs), be in a worrying state, be in a sad plight, be in troubled circumstances, be in dire straits
    informal be in a pickle/hole

    make a pass at

    I bet he made a pass at Elizabeth
    make sexual advances to, make advances to, make sexual overtures to, proposition, make a sexual approach to
    North American informal hit on, make time with, put the make on

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    Sinónimos de pass en inglés:

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    pass 2


  • a pass through the mountains
    route, way, road, narrow road, passage, cut, gap, gorge, canyon, ravine, gully, defile, col, couloir;
    Scottish bealach;
    North American notch
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