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  • 1 a piece of cheese a piece of wood
    bit, section, slice, chunk, segment, lump, hunk; wedge, slab, knob, block, cake, bar, tablet, brick, cube, stick, length; offcut, sample, particle, fragment, flake, sliver, splinter, wafer, chip, crumb, grain, speck, scrap, remnant, shred, shard, snippet, mite; mouthful, morsel
    British informal wodge
  • 2 his ability to take a clock to pieces
  • 3 a piece of furniture a vital piece of evidence
    example, specimen, sample, instance, illustration, occurrence, case
  • 4 he gets $16 million plus a piece of the profit
    share, slice, portion, quota, part, bit, percentage, amount, quantity, ration, fraction, division, subdivision; allocation, allotment, measure, apportionment
    informal cut, whack, rake-off
    rare quantum, moiety
  • 5 one of the finest pieces is a Tuscan vase a piece of music
    work of art, work; musical work, composition, creation, production, opus
  • 6 the reporter who wrote the piece
  • 7 the pieces on a chess board
    token, counter, man, disc, chip, marker
  • Frases

    come/fall to pieces

    one large transport came to pieces in space it splintered loudly and fell to pieces under his weightbreak upbreakbreak open/apartshattersplinterfractureburst apartexplodeblow apartimplodedisintegratefall apartcollapsebreak downtumble downsmashsmash to smithereens informalbust technicalspall rareshiver

    give a piece of one's mind to

    I'm going to confront my brother and give him a piece of my mindreprimandrebukescoldadmonishreproveupbraidchastisechidecensurecastigatelambasteberatelecturecriticizetake to taskread the Riot Act tohaul over the coals informaltell offgive someone a telling-offdress downgive someone a dressing-downbawl outpitch intolay intolace intoblow up atgive someone an earfulgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickingBritish informalhave a go atcarpettear someone off a stripgive someone what forlet someone have itNorth American informalchew outream outBritish vulgar slangbollockgive someone a bollocking

    go/fall to pieces

    he went to pieces when his wife diedhave a (mental/nervous) breakdownbreak downgo out of one's mindcracksnaplose controllose one's headfall apart informalcrack upcome/fall apart at the seamsdisintegratefreakfreak outget in a stewBritish informalgo into a (flat) spin

    in one piece

  • 1 I checked my camera to see if it was still in one piece
  • 2 I'll bring her back in one piece
    unhurt, uninjured, unscathed, safe, safe and sound
  • in pieces

  • 1 the dish lay in pieces on the floor
    broken, in bits, shattered, smashed, in smithereens
    informal bust
  • 2 this man's only ambition appeared to be to cut him in pieces
    apart, up, to pieces
    literary asunder
  • (all) of a piece

    the rounded-off curves of the figure's body make her seem of a piece with the curlicued chair the first three objections are all of a piece
    [Antónimos] different unlike
    similaralike(exactly) the sameindistinguishableundistinguishableidenticaluniformof the same kindtwininterchangeableundifferentiatedhomogeneouscut from the same clothconsistentunvaryingcorrespondingcorrespondentcommensurateequivalentmatchinglikeparallelanalogouscomparablecognateequal informallike (two) peas in a podmuch of a muchness(like) Tweedledum and Tweedledee

    piece of the action

    when great new technologies come along, everybody wants a piece of the actionshareportionbitcutquotapercentagecommissiondividend informalwhackslice of the cakerake-off

    piece of cake

    a career is a piece of cake compared to this being a single mother isn't the piece of cake she thought it would beeasy taskeasy jobchild's playnothingfive-finger exercisegiftwalkoversinecure informalbreezedoddlewalk in the parkpicnicmoney for old ropemoney for jamcinchsitterkids' stuffcushy job/numberdosscakewalkpushoverNorth American informalduck soupsnapAustralian/New Zealand informalbludgesnackSouth African informala piece of old tackieBritish vulgar slanga piece of piss datedsnip

    tear/pull someone/something to pieces

    theatre critics would tear the production to piecescriticizeattackcensurecondemndenigratefind fault withgive a bad press topillorymaullambasteflaysavage informalknockslampanbashtake apartcrucifyhammerlay intoroastskewerBritish informalslaterubbishslag offmonsterNorth American informalpummelcut upAustralian/New Zealand informalbag rareexcoriate


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    piece something together

    it might be possible to piece the photographs together investigators are now trying to piece together what happenedput togetherassemblecomposeconstructjoin upfit togetherjoinunitereassemblereconstructput back togethermendrepairpatch upsew (up)build up a picture/impression of

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