Sinónimos de plant en inglés:

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plant 1


  • 1 a pot plant garden plants
    herb, flower, vegetable, shrub, weed;
    (plantsgreenery, flora, vegetation, undergrowth
    rare herbage, verdure
  • 2 we thought he was a CIA plant spreading disinformation
    spy, informant, informer, undercover agent, secret agent, agent, mole, infiltrator, operative
    North American informal spook
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  • 1 plant the seeds this autumn and they will flower next summer
    sow, scatter, seed, put in the ground;
    bed out, set out, transplant
  • 2 he planted his feet more firmly on the ground
    put, place, set, position, station, situate, settle, stick, fix
    informal plonk
  • 3 someone had planted the idea in Alexander's mind
    insert, impress, imprint, instil, put, place;
    implant, introduce, sow the seeds of, fix, establish, embed, root, lodge
  • 4 the letters might have been planted there to embarrass the government
    hide, place secretly, conceal, secrete
  • Palabras de enlace

    phyto- related prefix, as in phytoplankton
    -phyte related suffix, as in epiphyte
    botany study of plants
    herbivorous plant-eating
    herbicide substance used to kill plants
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    Sinónimos de plant en inglés:

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    plant 2


  • 1 the plant commenced production in June
    factory, works, foundry, mill, workshop, shop, yard, industrial unit, business unit
  • 2 there has been inadequate investment in new plant
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