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Sinónimos de plug en inglés:


  • 1 she pulled out the plug and the liquid drained away
    North American  stopple
  • 2 a plug of tobacco
    wad, quid, twist, chew
    North American informal chaw
    rare pigtail, cud, cake
  • 3 informal he put in a plug for his new book
    piece of publicity, favourable mention, advertisement, promotion, recommendation, mention, good word, commercial
    informal hype, push, puff, ad, boost, ballyhoo
    British informal advert
  • Frases

    pull the plug on
    we pulled the plug on the new product line and laid off about 90 employees
    discontinue, wind up, stop, end, terminate, abort, bring to an end, put an end to, put a stop to, finish, bring to a halt, call a halt to, cancel, drop, dispense with, do away with, get rid of, abolish;
    suspend, interrupt, break off, phase out, withdraw;
    abandon, give up, cease, refrain from
    informal cut, axe, scrap, give something the chop, knock something on the head, leave off, pack in
    North American informal quit
    rare intermit


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  • 1 plug the holes with dowels
  • 2 informal he plugged his new film
    publicize, promote, give publicity to, advertise, mention, give a mention to, write up, build up, beat/bang the drum for, commend, draw attention to
    informal hype, hype up, push, puff, boost
  • 3 informal don't say a word or I'll plug you
    informal blast, pump full of lead
  • Frases

    plug away
    informal he plugged away at his writing
    toil, labour, toil away, plod away, work away, slave away, soldier on with, persevere with, persist with, keep on with, plough on with, hammer away, grind away
    informal slog away, beaver away, peg away
    archaic drudge away
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