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  • 1 the point of a knitting needle
    tip, sharp end, tapered end, end, extremity; prong, spike, tine, nib, barb
  • 2 the dark surface of the ocean was studded with points of light
    pinpoint, dot, spot, speck, fleck, mark
  • 3 a prearranged meeting point
  • 4 at this point in her life, what she needs is a bit of romance
    time, stage, juncture, period, phase; moment in time, moment, instant
  • 5 when it came to the point he would probably do what was expected of him
    decisive moment, critical moment, moment of truth, point of no return, crunch, crux, zero hour
  • 6 tension between them had reached such a point that they barely spoke
    level, degree, stage, pitch, extent, height
  • 7 you have ignored a number of important points
    detail, item, particular, fact, thing, piece of information, idea, argument, consideration, factor, element, aspect, regard, respect; subject, issue, topic, question, matter
    (points) informal deets
  • 8 it took her a long time to get to the point
    most important fact, main point, central point, essential point, essence, nub, focal point, salient point, heart of the matter, keynote, core, pith, marrow, meat, crux; meaning, significance, signification, import, gist, substance, drift, thrust, burden, theme, sense, moral, relevance, tenor
    informal brass tacks, nitty-gritty
  • 9 what's the point of telling me this?
    purpose, aim, object, objective, goal, intention, end, design, reason, use, utility, sense, motive, value, advantage
  • 10 she had to admit he had his good points
  • Frases

    beside the point

    his comments seem to me to be beside the pointirrelevantimmaterialunimportantnot to the pointneither here nor therenothing to do with itnot pertinentnot germaneoff the subjectinappositeinconsequentialincidentalpointlessout of placewide of the markunconnectedperipheraltangentialextraneousextrinsic

    case in point

    a good case in point is distance learningexampleinstancecaserepresentative casetypical caseillustrationspecimensampleexemplarexemplificationoccasionoccurrence

    in point of fact

    in point of fact nothing at all has been laid onin factas a matter of factactuallyin actual factreallyin realityas it happensin truthto tell the truthtruly

    make a point of

    he made a point of reading all the reviewsmake an effort togo out of one's way toput/place emphasis on

    on the point of

    she was on the point of saying something, but changed her mindjust about toon the verge ofabout togoing toon the brink ofready toall set to

    point of view

  • 1 they expressed different points of view
    opinion, view, belief, attitude, feeling, sentiment, way of thinking, way of looking at it, thoughts, ideas
  • to the point

    his observations were concise and to the pointrelevantpertinentappositegermaneapplicableaproposappropriateaptfittingsuitablematerialconnectedrelatedlinkedLatinad rem rareappurtenant

    up to a point

    this is true, but only up to a pointpartlyto some extentto a certain extentto some degreeto a certain degreein partsomewhatpartiallynot totallynot entirelynot wholly informalish


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  • 1 she drew a revolver and pointed it at him
    aim, direct, level, train; North Americandraw/get a bead on
  • 2 all the evidence pointed to his guilt
    indicate, suggest, be evidence of, evidence, signal, signify, denote, be symptomatic of, be a sign/symptom of, reveal, manifest
    literary bespeak, betoken
  • Frases

    point the finger at

    this is not to point the finger at any one political leaderblameaccusedenounceinform againstblacken the name ofincriminateimplicateinvolveentrap informalframeset upstick/pin the blame ongrass onrat onBritish informalfit up archaicinculpate

    point something out

    the flaws in the plan have already been pointed outidentifyshowdesignatedraw/call attention todirect attention toindicatespecifydetailmentionrefer toallude totouch on

    point something up

    studies are pointing up the value of specific vitaminsemphasizehighlightdraw attention toaccentuateunderlineunderscoreturn the spotlight onspotlightforegroundput/lay emphasis onstressgive prominence toplay upfocus attention onaccentbring to the fore

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