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  • 1 radars determine the aircraft's position
    location, place, situation, spot, site, locality, locale, scene, setting, area, point; whereabouts, bearings, orientation
    Australian/New Zealand slang possy
    technical locus
  • 2 she levered herself into a standing position
    posture, stance, attitude, pose; set, arrangement, disposition, placement
  • 3 the company's financial position is dire
    situation, state, condition, circumstances, set of circumstances, state of affairs, case; predicament, plight, pass, strait(s)
  • 4 all the political parties were jockeying for position
    advantage, pole position, advantageous position, favourable position, the upper hand, the edge, the whip hand, primacy
    North American informal the catbird seat
    Australian/New Zealand informal the box seat
  • 5 people's awareness of their position in society
  • 6 I'm looking for a secretarial position
    job, day job, post, situation, appointment, role, occupation, employment; office, capacity, duty, function; opening, vacancy, niche, opportunity, placement
    informal berth
    Australian informal grip
    archaic employ
  • 7 the chancellor was asked to clarify the government's position on the matter
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  • he pulled out a chair and positioned it between them
    put, place, locate, situate, set, site, stand, station; lay, lie, rest, prop, plant, stick, install, settle; arrange, dispose, array, range, lay out, deploy; orient, orientate
    informal plonk, park
    rare posit
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